Apple Vision Pro’s Daring Move to Chinese Display Suppliers Amid US Trade Restrictions

Apple has been gearing up for the launch of its upcoming AR Device, the Vision Pro and it has been leaked quite a few times that the Cupertino-based company is looking forward to working with Chinese suppliers for the parts.

It was previously revealed through several leakers that Apple is considering sourcing the Vision Pro displays from Chinese suppliers such as BOE and SeeYA. BOE already makes displays for other Apple devices whereas SeeYA is a new company that Apple is looking forward to working with. Sony was also a potential supplier but unfortunately latest news from research conducted by TrendForce says the opposite.

According to TrendForce’s latest research, Apple is going to be sourcing Vision Pro displays from SeeYA Technology, which is a Chinese company. According to the report, Apple chose SeeYA primarily due to the low yield of micro-OLED panels from Sony, which made it difficult for Apple to fulfil market requirements.

The report also shares the numerous other distributors Apple has decided for each part of the Vision Pro. It was previously revealed by Mark Gurman in his PowerOn Newsletter that Apple has decided to slightly delay the launch of the Vision Pro, which was previously set for January 2024 but now has been tentatively moved to March.

Vision Pro Supply Chain | TrendForce

Apple’s plan to work with a number of suppliers is a good decision. Competition to win the distribution leads to cheaper parts for Apple and increased quality of products. More suppliers also reduce the chances of a low-yield product that could hinder the sale flow of the device Apple is looking forward to selling.

Apple is balancing between taking on Chinese companies and being drawn into the escalating trade war between the United States and China. Both governments have banned the export of essential parts and technologies, some of which are necessary in nearly every electronic gadget.

Source: TrendForce


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