Studio Ghibli Films Being Reimagined as Gameboy Titles by Independent Artist

Using film animations and turning them into illustrations is nothing new. However, these animations hardly serve any purpose than being the zenith of one’s computer or phone front screen in the form of a wallpaper.

Amour, an Independent artist who goes by the Twitter handle of cloudtrumpets has other plans. His illustrations of Studio Ghibli’s films can qualify as the best professional work done so far and are worthy of use in GBA games. Amour shares his illustrations on Twitter and has many users admiring his true-to-context illustrations best representing Studio Ghibli’s films.

Studio Ghibli, which is an animated film production studio based in Tokyo Japan, is best known for its unorthodox melancholy films. The studio gained a lot of popularity with animated films such as Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Grave of the Fire Flies, and many other blockbusters, which received great box office recognition. 

The independent artist cloudtrumpets’ illustration work of Kiki’s Delivery Service film has caught the eye of many Twitter users, including GamesRadar. The illustrations embody multiple scenarios of the movie. 

In the first illustration, we can see what the game’s main menu can look like. Then comes the dialogue exchange between trainee witch Kiki and aviation enthusiast friend Tombo. The next couple of illustrations are a nod to the figurines used in the film, such as Kiki’s radio. 

Kiki’s Delivery service is not the only game getting the special cloudtrumpet treatment. The talented pixelated artist has also worked on illustrations of Arrietty – another popular film by Studio Ghibli. 

Arrietty illustrations also encompass the same concept and do not stray away from the original movie. We can see the potential main menu of the game, a dialogue exchange and multiple references from the movie. 

Studio Ghibli is currently an exclusive animated film studio with no gaming-related branch. So, will Studio Ghibli take notice of these heartwarming illustrations is anyone’s guess. However, one thing all Twitter users can unanimously agree upon is that if there was to be a game based on Studio Ghibli’s film, this is exactly how it should look like. 


Kevin Arrows

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