How to Download Songs and Tracks from SoundCloud on your PC?

SoundCloud is an online music sharing website where users can upload, promote, and share audio with others. It offers both free and paid memberships for the users. There are some artists that allow users to download their songs free and some will require payment. Some users are looking for a method to download SoundCloud songs for their personal use. In this article, we will show you some methods that you can use to download SoundCloud music.

Downloading SoundCloud Songs on PC

Downloading SoundCloud Songs on PC

Before you start to download any music from the SoundCloud, make sure you have the permission for downloading that music. You can only use the songs for personal use and not any commercial use. If you try to use the music of others without any rights, then there will be copyright issues. After you find the music that is downloadable free or you get the permission of the artist, you can try using one of the below methods to download the SoundCloud songs.

Method 1: Using SoundCloud Default Download Feature

This is the most default method for downloading SoundCloud songs. If the owner of the songs has enabled the download for that track, then the user can easily download it without any third-party application. This method downloads the original copy of the song that is uploaded on SoundCloud. Follow the below steps to download through the default method:

  1. Open the official SoundCloud website in your browser and Sign in to your SoundCloud account.
    Log in to your SoundCloud account
  2. Search for the song that has the Download option enabled by the artist.
    Searching for the downloadable song
  3. Click on the More button and choose Download the File option.
    Downloading the SoundCloud song
  4. Your song will be downloaded to your device.

Method 2: Using the Online Downloading Website

If you just Google Search the keyword ‘Download SoundCloud’, you will get dozens of websites that provide the downloading for SoundCloud music. Most of them will provide the direct download button and some will require the manually downloading. Some even provide the extra features of converting the track to a different format before downloading. You can choose whichever you like after trying it.

  1. Open the SoundCloud song in your browser and copy the URL of the track.
    Copying the URL of the song
  2. Now open ScloudDownloader in a new tab and paste the URL in the box. Click on the Download button.
    Pasting the URL in the downloading website
  3. You will get two download buttons; the Download Track and Download Manually. The Download Track will automatically download the song. The Download Manually requires right-clicking on it and choosing Save link as an option to download the song.
    Downloading the SoundCloud song
  4. You will finally get the SoundCloud song downloaded to your device.

Method 3: Using the SoundCloud Music Downloader Extension for Chrome

Extensions are also the way to easily download SoundCloud music. There are many extensions that provide downloading for music sites. However, some of the extensions will stop working in the future. The extension we are using in this method works perfectly. If it stops working in the future, then there will be another alternative extension.

  1. Open this website in your browser to download the SoundCloud Music Downloader extension. Click on the Install Via CrossPilot.
    Downloading the SoundCloud Music Downloader extension through CrossPilot
  2. The main extension will be installed through the CrossPilot extension. Try to install the CrossPilot through the above button, then the SoundCloud Music Downloader extension will be downloaded in the CrossPilot automatically.
    Adding the CrossPilot extension to chrome to download the SoundCloud Downloader extension
  3. Now open your SoundCloud song page or refresh it if it was already open.
  4. You will find the Download button between the Report and Share button. Click on the button and the downloading will start.
    A Download button will appear below every SoundCloud song

Method 4: Using the Downloading Software

There are many applications that you can use for downloading the SoundCloud songs on the internet. However, most of those are not completely 100% safe to download. You can try downloading one of the most used SoundCloud Downloaders downloaded by the community. We are going to use Aimersoft iMusic to demonstrate the successful downloading of SoundCloud music on PC:

  1. Download the Aimersoft iMusic application, install it, and open it.
    Downloading the software
  2. Now open the SoundCloud song page in your browser and copy the URL of the track.
    Copying the URL of the song
  3. Go back to the iMusic application and click on the GET MUSIC button at the top. Here paste the link of the SoundCloud song and click on the Download button.
    Pasting the URL into the software GET MUSIC page
  4. It will start downloading the song to the Music folder of your system. Once completed, you can play it anytime you want.
    Song is downloaded

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