A Co-Op Horror Experience For The PS1: Resident Evil 6 Demake

PS1 Demakes are becoming increasingly common, and here’s one for Capcom’s Resident Evil 6: a remake in the style of the popular video games of the early 2000s.

A fan-created demake of Resident Evil 6 takes the frenetic co-op shooter and reinvents it as a PlayStation 1 survival horror game. The sixth installment in Capcom‘s RE franchise, which was released in 2012, abandoned its survival horror roots in favor of the multiplayer third-person shooter gameplay we now know of. 

YouTuber Rustic Games BR just showed off an amazing remake of Resident Evil 6 for the PS1 that brings the action-packed shooter back to its roots. The video shows a scene from the beginning of the game where the main character, Leon S. Kennedy, and his partner, Helena Harper, fight zombies on campus outside.

Rustic Games brings Resident Evil 6 back to its fixed camera and tank control roots. In the original game, players look over the character’s shoulder. Helena and Leon still work together to kill the hordes of zombies, so the co-op gameplay is still there.

With the rise in popularity of retro aesthetics, it’s no surprise that these old-era demakes of classic video games have emerged slowly, giving them the appearance and feel they would have, had they originally been released several decades ago. Not only this, but a while ago, we did an article on how a fan turned the popular film, Pulp Fiction, into a classic PS1 video game.

Not all of Rustic Games’ demakes are turned into actual commercial playable games, though. Rather, they are primarily intended to be small-scale presentations that offer viewers hypothetical possibilities. If you want a subtle Resident Evil thrill that still stands on its own, you might want to check out Save Room, which was inspired by RE4’s inventory management system.



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