Quick Charge Pro Review — Is it Legit or is it a Scam? [2023]

Key Takeaway
  • Quick Charge Pro promises enhanced charging and phone performance through "advanced AI", but these claims are very skeptical and likely untrue.
  • While it features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, user feedback highlights inconsistent charging speeds, particularly for non-Qualcomm devices such as iPhones.
  • The presence of two separate but related websites for the product, coupled with pushy marketing, raises concerns about its legitimacy and authenticity.

Years ago, charging was relatively simple. You had your wall port with a power brick, and a USB cable plugged into your phones for hours. Fast forward to today, where fast charging has become the norm. Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo are leveraging blazing fast charging speeds as a selling point to attract customers.

That is where another product comes into the spotlight. Quick Charge Pro implements QC technology 3.0 and claims to charge multiple devices in a matter of minutes. From four charging ports to full phone compatibility, does Quick Charge Pro really live up to the hype?

In this article, we will explore whether Quick Charge Pro is truly the next charging advancement we need or if it is just another hyperbolic, misleading product.

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Quick Charge Pro

What is Quick Charge Pro – The Claims

Quick Charge Pro promises to be the ultimate solution to all your charging needs. It features ultra-fast charging technology allowing your gadgets to charge from 0% to 70% in just 35 minutes. In all essence of the word, it’s just another charger, but with some tricks up its sleeve.

With four USB ports, Quick Charge Pro allows you to charge multiple devices and accessories simultaneously. It also comes with an integrated intelligent IC chip that protects your phone from overheating and overcharging; supplying your phone the current it needs.

Another unbelievable claim is the use of Advanced AI to override your phone’s system to ensure fast downloads and improved phone speeds. Sounds pretty skeptical.

Quick Charge Pro – Promised Features

Quick Charge Pro is packed with a ton of interesting features. However, some of these are just too good to be true. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the specifications promised by Quick Charge Pro:

1. 4 Adaptive Ports

Quick Charge Pro features a multi-port charging station allowing you to charge four devices at once. The top port provides a stable current for charging devices with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0) compatibility at 18 watts.

The remaining three ports offer automatic current adjustment to provide 5V/3.1A (15.3W) output for devices without fast charging support.

Multi-Port Charging

2. Smart Integrated Circuit

Another interesting feature of the Quick Charge Pro is the “Intelligent Current Recognition” technology. This means that the charger can determine what type of device is connected and can adjust the output accordingly.

3. QC Technology and Backwards Compatibility

Quick Charge Pro also claims to charge your phone four times faster than normal chargers leveraging the full power of Quick Charge 3.0. Additionally, it can also charge older devices that only support QC 2.0 or even QC 1.0 quickly.

4. Surge and Fire Protection

The charger is also said to provide complete resistance against high heat, electricity, and high flame along with measures to reduce the chances of sparks and surges.

Quick Charge Pro – The Reality

Quick Charge Pro guarantees a lot for a product that’s already being dominated in the market by companies like Anker and UGREEN. And it’s no surprise they went a bit too much. So let’s debunk some pretty wild claims from the people behind Quick Charge Pro:

User Reviews on Reddit

OS Override and Improved Speeds

In one of their advertisement, Quick Charge Pro claims to change how your phone behaves. In fact, it can apparently boost your phone’s speed and make downloads faster. And anyone with even the slightest knowledge about how tech devices work would know that the pieces aren’t fitting.

A charger can not “override” your OS to make downloads faster, even if it uses “advanced AI”.


As said in the above review, chargers are made for one primary reason; to charge your phone and they don’t have the ability to alter anything inside your phone. So it’s best not to fall for such a gimmick.

Lighting Fast Charging

One of the most prominent claims of the Quick Charge Pro is the lighting fast charging feature. However, some reviews have criticized their fast charging feature by saying;

Read the reviews but bought it anyway. Thought I could get my money back. Wrote the company, no reply, yet… took 45 minutes to go from 70 % to full charge… junk. Don’t buy it. Get a $9 one from Amazon or Walmart . It does the same thing.

Jerald McCants

Similarly, Quick Charge Pro showed a clip of them using their glorified charger to charge an iPhone in minutes. Yet, this is another false claim as the Quick Charge Pro features Qualcomm Technology that only supports fast charging for phones with Qualcomm processors and unfortunately iPhone doesn’t have one.

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The Website Blunder

Before we sign off, the final nail in the coffin for Quick Charge Pro is its website, or should we say websites? When you look up Quick Charge Pro, you’ll see two different sites ranking at the top, both seemingly selling different products. In reality, both of them are linked to the exact same product we’ve been discussing and it’s just that one site is older than the other and left abandoned.

  • Old Website: https://www.quickcharge-pro.com/
  • New Website: https://quick-charge-pro.com/

Both these sites have similar methods to attract customers to buy their products. They use grand slam offers such as 70% off for the next 5 minutes to put potential prospects in split-second decisions, leading them into buying Quick Charge Pro. And the results are, well you read the reviews.


All in all, the charger itself can essentially charge your phone without any issues, but it won’t turn your phone into a supercomputer as advertised. If you are looking for legitimate ways to charge your phone quickly consider checking this article out: 10 Methods For How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster


How does Quick Charge Pro compare to other chargers?

Quick Charge Pro’s claims of being the fastest charger on the market have been met with skepticism. Users have questioned the validity of these claims and have suggested exploring alternative charging options that are backed by more reliable and transparent information.

What precautions should I take when considering Quick Charge Pro?

If you are considering purchasing Quick Charge Pro despite the skepticism, it is essential to be cautious and ensure the security of your personal information, bank account, and phone. It is advisable to thoroughly research the product, read reviews, and make an informed decision based on your findings.

Does Quick Charge Pro come with a warranty?

Quick Charge Pro comes with a warranty period specified by the manufacturer. It is advisable to check the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.


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