How to Fix a PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

PS4 is one of the top gaming consoles around but for many of its users, the console started to show frequent disconnections from WiFi. The disconnection occurs from minutes to hours and keeps on repeating the whole time. The issue is also reported on the new PS4 consoles as well. For some of the users, the issue only occurs with a game (like Apex Legends).

PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi
PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi Fix

A PS4 might not stay connected to the WIFI mainly due to the following:

  • Outdated Firmware of the PS4 or Router: If the firmware of the PS4 or router is outdated, then one’s incompatibility with the other might land us into the WIFI disconnecting issue at hand.
  • Corrupt Database of the PS4: If the database table of the PS4 contents is corrupt or overloaded, then the console might show frequent disconnections from the WIFI as PS4’s network modules may fail to execute their operations.
  • Wrong DNS Settings of the PS4: If the DNS server of the network is having issues in translating the web addresses of the PS4-related traffic, then the PS4 might randomly get disconnecting from the WIFI as the router might forcefully close a PS4’s web request due to no response from the DNS server.
  • Improper Configuration of the Router: If the router is not properly configured, then that may lead to the WIFI disconnection problem. For example, if the router’s firewall is limiting the PS4 access to a web address and frequent requests from the PS4 to access that address may force the router to close the connection.

Perform a Connection Test of WiFi on the PS4

A temporary glitch of the PS4 communication modules might be causing the WiFi disconnection issue. Here, performing a connection test of the WiFi on the PS4 may clear the glitch and thus solve the problem.

  1. Firstly, bring the PS4 console close to the router (in the same room with the 5-6 feet distance).
  2. Then open the Settings of PS4 and open Network.
    Open Network in the Settings of PS4
  3. Now select Test Internet Connection and afterward, check if the PS4 WIFI problem is solved.
    Test Internet Connections in PS4 Settings

If that did not work, check if the PS4 works fine with another network (like the hotspot of your phone). Also, make sure no electromagnetic interference (Microwave, etc.) is causing the issue.  If you are encountering the WIFI issue with a particular game (like Ghost of Tsushima), then make sure it is not a false notification as some games are reported to throw the disconnection error while the console is still connected to the Internet.

Perform a Cold Restart of the PS4 and Router

The PS4 might show the WiFi disconnection issue due to a temporary glitch of the router/PS4 communication modules. Here, performing a cold restart of the PS4 and router may solve the problem.

  1. Open the Power tab from the Quick Menu of PS4 and select Turn Off PS4.
    Turn Off PS4
  2. Once powered off, unplug its power cable and switch off the router.
    Unplug Power Cable of PS4
  3. Now unplug the power cable of the router and wait for 30 minutes.
  4. Now plug back the power cables of the devices and power on the router.
  5. Once the router lights are stable, make sure no other device is connected to the WIFI.
  6. Then power on the PS4 and check if the WIFI connection problem is solved.

If that did not work, make sure the WIFI is working fine on all other devices.

Update the Firmware of the PS4 to the Latest Build

The PS4 might show the WiFi disconnecting issue if the firmware of the PS4 is outdated as the firmware may have become incompatible with the networking device. Here, updating the firmware of the PS4 to the latest build may stop the PS4 from disconnecting from the WIFI.

  1. Launch the Settings of PS4 and open System Software Update.
    Open System Software Update in the PS4 Settings
  2. Now select Update Now and wait till the update is applied (if any).
    Click Next if an Update of PS4 is Available
  3. Once the update is applied, check if its WIFI connecting issue is resolved.

Edit the DNS Settings of the PS4

The WiFi disconnection issue could be a result of an improper configuration of the DNS settings of PS4 as the router might be closing the PS4 connection due to no response from the DNS server. In such a case, properly configuring the DNS settings of the PS4 might solve the problem.

  1. Launch the PS4 Settings and open Network.
  2. Now select Setup Internet Connection and click on Use WIFI.
    Open Set UP Internet Connection and Use Wi-Fi on PS4
  3. Then select Custom and in the IP Address Settings menu, click on Automatic.
    Select Custom in the Set Up Internet Connection Windows and open Automatic
  4. Now, in DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify, and in the DNS Settings menu, select Manual.
    Set DHCP Host Name to Do Not Specify and DNS Settings to Manual in PS4
  5. Then, enter the Primary and Secondary DNS as per the following (or any other of your choice):
    Secondary: 1.0. 0.1
    Set Primary and Secondary DNS on PS4
  6. Now, in MTU Settings, select Automatic, and at Proxy Server window, select Do Not Use.
  7. Then click on the Test Internet Connection button and afterward, check if the WIFI disconnecting issue of PS4 is resolved.

Reset the PS4 Settings to the Defaults

The WiFi disconnecting issue can also be caused by the improper configuration of the PS4 settings and resetting the same to the defaults may solve the problem. Keep in mind this step will not harm or delete the content (apps, games, videos, screenshots, etc.) on the console’s storage but some saved games state might be affected.

  1. Power off the PS4 console and press/hold its power button.
  2. Now, wait till the system beeps for the second time and release the power button.
  3. Now, in the safe mode screen, select option no. 4 of Restore Default Settings, and once done, check if the WiFi issue of PS4 is resolved.
    Restore Default Settings of PS4

Rebuild the Database of the PS4

If the current data table of the PS4 is not optimal or overloaded, then the PS4 console might show the WiFi disconnecting issue at hand. In such a case, rebuilding the database of the PS4 may solve the problem as the system scans the storage drive and create a fresh database of all the system contents. Keep in mind that rebuilding the database is a safe process and the data on the console is not deleted except the corrupt data files (which you technically have already lost).

  1. Power off the PS4 console and press/hold the power button of the console.
  2. Wait till you hear the system’s beep for the second time and release the PS4’s power button.
  3. Then, in the Safe Mode screen, select option no. 5 of the Rebuild Database. You may have to connect the PS4’s controller.
  4. Rebuild Database of PS4
  5. Then wait till the process is complete. It may take time from minutes to hours, depending on the data and its structure on the drive.
  6. Once done, check if PS4 is clear of the WIFI disconnecting issue.
  7. If not, rebuild the database once again, and once done, keep the console powered off for a day.
  8. Afterward, power on the console and check if the WIFI issue is resolved.

Edit the Router Settings

The WiFi disconnecting issue could be a result of the misconfiguration of the router settings. These settings might include outdated router firmware, dual-band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) WiFi, router’s firewall, etc. In such a scenario, editing the router’s settings might solve the WiFi disconnecting issue. Keep in mind that the steps mentioned below may differ for some users but the general guidelines will be the same.

Disable the Network’s Second Band

  1. Launch a web browser and head to the web portal of the router.
  2. Now, log in using your credential and open Settings.
  3. Then select Wireless and checkmark the option of 5GHz.
    Enable 5GHz Band in the Router’s Settings
  4. Now make sure the 2.4GHz option is disabled and apply your changes.
  5. Then restart your router and afterward, check if the PS4 WIFI issue is resolved.
  6. If not, check if disabling 5GHz and only using 2.4GHz clears out the WIFI problem.

If you are one of those users who are bound to use both bands on the router, then you may force the PS4 to use a single band (either 2.4 or 5).

  1. Open the PS4’s Settings and select Network.
  2. Now open Settings and go to Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Then select WIFI and click on Easy.
    Select Easy in Setup Internet Connection of PS4
  4. Now press the Options button on the controller and select WiFi Frequency Bands.
  5. Then select the 5GHz band and apply the changes.
  6. Now, check if the WiFi connection issue of PS4 is cleared.
  7. If not, check if connecting the PS4 to the 2.4GHz band solves the PS4 issue.

If the issue persists, then check if using a different channel on the band clears out the error.

Disable Self-Organizing Network (SON) in the Router Settings

  1. Open the web portal of the router and head to its WIFI tab.
  2. Now, under Other Advanced Wi-Fi Options, disable Self-Organizing Network (SON) by check-marking off.  For some routers, you may find the mentioned option as Smart Steering.
    Disable Self Organizing Network in the WIFI Settings
  3. Then apply the changes and reboot your router.
  4. Upon reboot, check if the PS4’s WIFI issue is resolved.

Disable the Router Firewall

Warning: Proceed at your own risk as editing/disabling the router firewall may expose your network/data to threats.

  1. Launch a web browser and steer to the router’s web portal.
  2. Now open Advanced and head to its Firewall tab.
  3. Then uncheck the following:
    Enable SPI
    Endpoint-Independent (in both UPP and TCP)
    Enable Anti-Spoof Checking
    Disable Router Firewall
  4. Now click on Save Settings and reboot your router.
  5. Upon reboot, check if the PS4 is connecting to the WIFI without issue.

Enable UPNP in the Router Settings

  1. Open the web portal of the router and head to its Settings.
  2. Now expand Security and head to the UPnP Settings tab.
  3. Then, in the right pane, select Enable for UPnP Status and apply your changes.
    Enable UPnP in the Router Settings
  4. Now reboot your router and upon reboot, check if the PS4’s WiFi disconnecting issue is resolved.
  5. If the UPnP settings are already enabled, check if disabling UPnP solves the problem.

If the issue is still there, then make sure that the required ports for the PS4 are properly forwarded in the router settings and check if the WIFI issue is resolved.

Update the Router/ Extender Firmware

  1. Open the router’s web portal and head to the Tools menu.
  2. Now, navigate to the Firmware tab and in front of Check Online Now (in the Firmware Information section), click on the Check Now button.
    Automatically Check for the Router’s Firmware
  3. If an update is available, apply the router’s firmware update and then restart the router.
  4. Upon restart, check if the PS4 WIFI disconnection issue is resolved.

For some routers, you may have to manually install the firmware update of the router.

Reset Router to the Factory Defaults

  1. Firstly, note down the credentials and settings that you may require to set up the router after resetting it to the factory defaults.
  2. Now locate the reset button of the router, usually, at the bottom or back of the router. In some routers, the power button also works as the reset button, if pressed/held for a certain time.
    Reset Your Router
  3. Once the reset button is located, press/hold the reset button. You may need a pointy object to do so.
  4. Wait till the router restarts and once the router lights are stable, set it up as per the ISP instructions.
  5. Afterward, connect the PS4 to the WIFI and check if it is working fine.

If the issue is still there, then check if giving the PS4 a static/manual IP in the router settings and putting it in the DMZ (strictly not recommended) clears out the issue.

Initialize the PS4 Console to Set it to the Factory Defaults

If none of the above did the trick for you, then most probably, the corrupt firmware of the PS4 console is causing the issue, and initializing the PS4 console (which will reset the console to the factory defaults) may solve the problem.

Before proceeding, make sure to back up the essential data and settings as everything on the console will be wiped clean. Also, make sure the console does not lose power during the initialization process.

  1. Open the Settings menu of the PS4 console and select Initialization.
  2. Now select Initialize PS4 and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process. This process might take some hours to complete.
    Initialize PS4
  3. Once done, set up the Internet connection of the PS4 and check if the WiFi connectivity issue is resolved.

If the issue persists, check if using a network extender/WIFI to LAN adapter solves the problem, or if possible, using an ethernet cable clears out the issue. If you are bound to use WIFI, then you have to try another router to solve the problem.


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