PlayStation 5 Slim to Reportedly Feature 5nm APU and Skip Liquid Metal Cooling

The PlayStation 5 has undoubtedly become the most sought-after gaming console of the current generation. Initially, the console faced significant supply shortages due to electronic chip scarcity during the pandemic. However, the situation has improved considerably, and the availability of PlayStation 5 units has become more stable since its release.

According to the recent financial report from Sony, the company has managed to sell an impressive 38.4 million units of the PlayStation 5 (as of May 2023). And chances are that the console will continue to sell more, as rumors are swirling about Sony’s plans to launch two new models for its latest console.

The rumored upcoming models are the PlayStation 5 Pro and the PlayStation 5 Slim with a detachable disc drive. While the release window for these consoles remains unconfirmed, some hardware architecture details have surfaced for the PlayStation 5 Slim.

According to a tweet from Zuby Tech, a reliable source on Twitter (X?), the PlayStation 5 Slim (model CFI-1300 series) is said to feature a 5nm APU and it will not have liquid metal cooling. This improvement in chip manufacturing will make the console more power-efficient and generate less heat, potentially allowing for a cost-effective cooling solution without the need for a liquid metal cooling system.

Currently, there are five PlayStation 5 models available: CFI-1000A/B (release version), CFI-1016A/B, CFI-1116A/B, CFI-1202A/B, and CFI-1216A/. These models bring minor improvements compared to the release version, such as new fans, a lighter heatsink, a new Wi-Fi chip, and improved power consumption.

Notably, Sony discreetly upgraded the release version APU of the PlayStation 5 with the CFI-1202A/B model, which has an AMD Oberon Plus CPU (6nm) instead of the original 7nm chip.

The PlayStation 5 Slim, with its reportedly more efficient 5nm APU, could represent an upgrade over the current 6nm version. However, it’s important to note that Insider Gaming‘s Tom Henderson, who has been a reliable source for PlayStation 5 Pro and Slim information, confirms that the Slim model won’t feature any significant hardware changes or drastic improvements in performance.

As of now, the specific details about the chip that Sony will use for the PlayStation 5 Slim and whether it will forgo the liquid metal cooling system remain unconfirmed and uncorroborated by reliable sources. Therefore, it would be wise to approach this information with cautious optimism until official announcements are made.

We will keep you informed about any further developments as they emerge. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments section below.


Abdullah Amin

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