PlayStation 5 “Slim” to Launch by Q3 2023, Major Changes Expected

According to a recent report, a new, small PlayStation 5 model would debut in the second half of 2023. In general, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that Sony may be considering creating a new PS5. A new model of the system will probably debut soon, given that the console is about to mark the anniversary of its two-year introduction. And although Sony hasn’t officially said that a thinner PS5 is coming, it seems like we’ll find out more about this soon enough.

Recent information from suggests that Sony is getting ready to introduce a new PS5 model that will be more compact and lightweight than the one that is already on the market. Even while Sony may not call the new PS5 model “Slim” by name, the device’s weight should be considerably reduced, and there may also be modifications to the console’s surface. Although the precise release schedule for the new PS5 system is still unknown, it is believed that Sony is planning for it to occur in the third quarter of 2023 (July–September).

Sony is also working on removing the stand that is required when the console is placed in a horizontal position. This alteration would suggest that the flaps purely for cosmetic purposes might be adjusted or deleted in the future. The company’s primary objective is to lessen the size and weight of the PS5 to cut down on the amount of money spent on manufacture and delivery.

Insider Gaming revealed Sony is developing a PS5 version with a removable disc drive. According to the same claim, the new system may completely replace the current PS5 models. If this information is accurate, all clients will get a digital-only PS5 with the option to add a disc drive if they want. It will be interesting to watch how Sony sets the pricing for this PS5 hardware upgrade.

We can be specific for the time being that gamers with limited space in their gaming settings may be able to accommodate a PlayStation 5 sooner rather than later. This is a noteworthy initiative, especially considering the PS5’s explosive recent sales growth.


Muhammad Zuhair

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