How to Play Squid Game on Roblox?

Squid Game is the latest Netflix hit that is being loved worldwide. A Korean TV show where desperate players are gathered for competing in different deadly games for a cash prize. The tv series has been so popular that Roblox spin offs of the game are already appearing on the platform. There are a lot of different games available based on the Korean TV series, and they are free to play on the platform. In this article, we will be showing you how to play squid game in Roblox so just follow through and you will be playing the game in no time.

Roblox Squid Game

Roblox is a famous online gaming platform that can be used to create games for the other players or just for the sake of playing. While the in-game FPS may not be appreciated by everyone, you can always use the Roblox FPS Unlocker to get you sorted. Along with many other games, if you wish to play Squid Game on Roblox, you will be needing the Roblox Player installed on your computer. Contrary to what it seems, there is no way to play Roblox games in the browser so installing the application is a priority here. With that said, let us get started.

Install Roblox Player

Before you are able to play Squid Game in Roblox, you will first have to install the Roblox Player application on your computer if you have not already. In addition to that, you will also be needing a Roblox account so make sure that you are signed up. With that said, follow the instructions down below to install the Roblox Player:

  1. First of all, open up the Roblox website by clicking here and then sign into your account.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on any random game on the home screen.
    Roblox Home Page
  3. On the game’s page, click on the green Play button provided.
    Clicking the Play Button
  4. You will be prompted to download and install the Roblox player. Click the Download and Install Roblox button provided.
    Downloading Roblox Player
  5. Once you have downloaded the installer, simply run it and it will start installing the Roblox Player for you automatically. Wait for it to finish.
    Installing Roblox

Now that we have installed the Roblox Player, you will be able to play Squid Game spin offs or any Roblox game for that matter. However, an important thing to note here is that there are a lot of versions of the series available on Roblox created by different people. While we can’t possibly mention all of them, we will be listing down the more prominent ones that you can play and enjoy at the same time. So, with that said, let us get started without any further delay.

Playing Squid Game in Roblox

To start off, we will mention one of the more prominent versions of the game. However, the catch here is that there is no Roblox link that we can provide from where you can start the game. Rather, you will have to join a Discord server and then receive an invite from the game’s admin. Discord is a really convenient platform where you can hang out with your friends for gaming sessions or anything by creating a free Discord server of your own or joining one. With that said, follow the instructions down below to be able to join and play the Squid Game:

  1. First of all, join the Discord server by clicking here. If the provided link does not work, you can try the alternative link here.
  2. Once you have joined the server, switch to the how-to-verify channel to verify your account to be able to see all of the channels in the Discord server.
    Verifying Account
  3. After that, look out for the announcements and information posted by the server admins in the channels to be able to play the game.
  4. Players are only allowed to play using the links that are provided by the server admins.

Alternative Squid Games in Roblox

Like we have mentioned, in addition to the above community, there are other versions of the game available as well that are more public which you can get right into without any verification process. Therefore, if waiting around and going through the process is not really your jam, you can play on the servers that we are going to mention down below.

Red Light, Green Light BACK UP

The first alternative that we are going to mention is the Red Light, Green Light BACK UP made by slugfo. You can access the game on the Roblox website by clicking here. The game developer tries to recreate each episode of the famous Netflix series in game for players to enjoy. You might have also seen the famous YouTuber Flamingo play this version of Squid Game.

Fish Game 

Fish Game is another Roblox Squid Game version that you can try. The game is very popular and often has thousands of active users playing the game at a time. To get started, visit the Roblox game link here and click on the green Play button to launch the game in Roblox Player installed on your computer.

Squid Game by Rocul Studios

Finally, another famous version of Squid Game is created by Rocul Studios that boasts more than 5 and a half million visits. If you wish to try out the game, you can do so by visiting the Roblox game link here.

The process of playing each game on Roblox is the same. Simply open up the game page on the Roblox platform and then click on the green Play button to start the game in your local Roblox Player application. When prompted to open the application, choose Roblox from the menu and then click the Open Link button.

Launching Roblox Game

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