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PC Gaming Peripherals: Are Racing Wheels Really Worth the Money?

Racing wheels are peripherals that are often overlooked simply because they only offer one function and that is to play racing games. Sure, you can use a controller or even a keyboard, and you will not have any issue but in reality, the experience provided by a racing wheel is something that cannot be matched.

When we were reviewing the best racing wheels available in the market, we wondered if these wheels are actually worth it? Sure, they are still being manufactured in the market, and that should show us a sign that people still buy them, but what if these are only for people who have an acquired taste?

That led to the creation of this opinion in which we trudge on to find whether racing wheels are worth it or not, and if so, just how are they worth it?

Changing The Way You Drive in Games

If you have ever played Project C.A.R.S, Forza, or Gran Turismo entries, you will realize that these games are some of the best when it comes to providing you with cars that feel as if they were real. However, the biggest thing that changes the experience with these games is the peripheral you are using to play these games.

As a kid, I used to play Gran Turismo on a controller and I was a happy kid because it felt amazing. Back then, I had no idea that something like a racing wheel could exist. It was not even in the wildest of my imaginations. However, when I saw my friend’s racing wheel and saw him driving around in Grand Theft Auto 3, I knew that I had to buy it. Sure, buying a racing wheel just so you can drive around in GTA and run over pedestrians is super extra, but for a 14-year-old, the thrill was there.

That was the time I started realizing that I need to save up for a good racing wheel and I did. Ever since I have bought my first racing wheel, I have not looked back. Sure, I do allow myself the simple pleasures of running over people in Los Santos by using a keyboard but when it comes to serious racing games, I would rather stop playing than use anything other than a racing wheel.

Truth be told, when you are using a racing wheel to play a racing game, the best part is that it changes the whole experience. Especially if you are using a higher end racing wheel that comes with haptic feedback. It truly is an experience that can never be replicated using a controller or a keyboard.

Gives You Quite a Realistic Experience

When we are talking about true racing games, most people thrive for something like authenticity. While you are going to get that from the perspective of the game itself, as it will deliver you a racing experience as close to real as it could be possible, the one thing that bottlenecks the entire situation is the peripheral you are using.

This is where racing wheels come into play. They are known for providing you with a realistic experience. Combined with the experience that the game is already providing, you have the perfect amalgamation of racing experience that you have been thriving for.

Trust me, if you have never played Gran Turismo or Forza on a racing wheel, you are missing out a lot. It feels like you are transported to a whole different universe, that is how fun it can be.

However, the one thing that I would like to add is that it actually depends on the game as well. If the driving mechanics in the game are not as good, your experience might not be that good, either. So, always keep it in mind.

Ramps Up the Difficulty

Okay, this is something that might sound useless or even bad to a lot of people but when you are going with something like a racing wheel, you will realize that it does ramp up the difficulty as well.

Now if you are wondering, it will not ramp up the difficulty from within the game. The game will play the same way, however, the racing wheels actually try to simulate the steering wheels in real as much as possible, so understanding the mechanics will take you some time. You might even find yourself frustrated in the process.

However, after all these guts, there is a lot of glories that are waiting for you. Once you have mastered the racing wheel, you will be unstoppable on the tracks. You just have to be patient to see it through the finishing line.

Are Racing Wheels Really Worth the Money?

Let’s revisit the question that we posed in the title. To be honest, for someone who has been playing racing games since he was little, racing wheels are a great addition to the peripherals. Sure, the racing games of today are limited but the good news is that your overall experience when you are going to combine a good racing game with a good steering wheel and I can assure you that your experience will be amazing.

So, yes. The short answer is that the racing wheels are definitely worth the money, and the hype that surrounds them, as well.


Bill Wilson

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