How to Install & Stream Paramount Plus on PS4 [Easy Steps]

Key Takeaways
  • Paramount+ is available on the PS4 but only for US accounts. Users in other regions can't access the Paramount+ app on their PS4.
  • Alternatives for streaming Paramount+ on PS4 include screen sharing from a mobile device or using it as an add-on through the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • The Paramount+ app on PS4 has usability issues and is considered inferior to other streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Although most people buy a PS4 to play games, it also sports some non-gaming features that are not too shabby. You can use the PS4 to watch movies, as it can play media on Blu-Ray discs too, besides the usual game discs. However, in an age of streaming services, it is rare for someone to own a Blu-ray home release of a movie.

Thankfully, PlayStation allows you to download popular apps from the PlayStation Store which include popular streaming services. But as the PS4 approaches the end of its life, the question is whether newer streaming services, like Paramount+ are available on it. That’s why today we’ll be looking at if, and how, you can stream Paramount+ on your PS4.

Paramount+ on PS4 is a valid question, since Paramount+ is fairly recent

Is Paramount+ Available on the PS4?

The Paramount+ app is available for free on the PS4 through the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, however, it is only available on the US. PlayStation accounts that have selected any region other than the US cannot download the Paramount+ app on their PS4.

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Downloading the Paramount+ App on the PS4

To download the Paramount+ app on your PS4, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open up the PlayStation Store

On your PS4 home screen, navigate to the absolute left and open up the PlayStation Store.

Navigate to the absolute left of the home screen and open up the PlayStation Store

Step 2: Select the Search function

You should see a Search function near the top-left of the screen. Select it.

Select the “Search” function

Step 3: Look up Paramount+

Type in “Paramount+“. If your PlayStation account’s region is set as the US, the Paramount+ app will show up on the right side of the screen.

Look up “Paramount+”

Step 4: Install the app

Select the Paramount+ app present on the right side. Choose the Download option. The app will begin downloading and will be installed automatically.

Setting Up and Streaming Paramount+ on your PS4

Here’s how to set up the Paramount+ for streaming movies and shows on your PS4:

Step 1: Launch the Paramount+ app

From your home screen, open up the Paramount+ app.

Step 2: Select the Web Sign-In process

Once the app loads up, select Sign-In. From the options present, choose On the Web.

Step 3: Noting the Activation Code

On the next screen, you’ll be shown your activation code. Make a note of it.

Step 4: Log in to Paramount+ on a computer or mobile

Now, log in on through the Paramount+ sign-in page on a mobile or computer. If you have a device that is already logged in proceed to the next step.

Enter your Paramount+ credentials to log in

Step 5: Activating your PS4 for Paramount+

Next, head on over to on your mobile/computer. Enter the activation code displayed in Step 3 and select Activate.

Enter the activation code displayed on your PS4

Step 6: Stream any movie or show

Finally, your PS4 screen will refresh, and you’ll be able to access your Paramount+ account. Choose any movie or show of your choice and start watching!

Alternatives to the Paramount+ App

Since the Paramount+ app is not an ideal app, you’ll be wanting alternatives for t. Luckily, there are 2 great alternatives to using the Paramount+ app for streaming Paramount+:

Alternative 1: Screen Sharing

You can use the Paramount+ app on your phone to cast your screen on to your PS4. However, you will need to have the Paramount+ app installed on your PS4 for this. To cast to your PS4, simply select the Cast option and choose the PS4 from the list of devices available. Both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Alternative 2: Stream Paramount+ as an add-on through Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Paramount+ as an add-on through the Prime Video app is more preferable than using the Paramount+ app on the PS4

If you really want to avoid Paramount+ app, you can stream it as an add-on through the more stable Amazon Prime Video app. You can subscribe to Paramount+ or link your already exiting account to your Prime account and stream through the Prime app. If you do this your Paramount+ subscription will be charged alongside your Prime subscription.

Paramount+ vs. Other Streaming Services on the PS4

Paramount+ is known for the bad quality of its apps, even on more prominent platforms like Android and iOS. The PlayStation app is no different; in fact, it is even worse. Most PS4 owners with a Paramount+ subscription claim that the PS4 app is nearly unusable and that you’re better off using the mobile or browser version, even though those also are of subpar quality.

The Netflix app is miles better in comparison to the Paramount+ app on the PS4 | WorldofTech

Compared to competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, Paramount+ really needs to work on the optimization and usability of their apps. Given their limited library and terrible apps, its no wonder they aren’t getting as many subscribers as they hoped.

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Paramount+ is supported on the PS4, although even if it wasn’t, most Paramount+ users would not care. We hope that the developers at Paramount+ fix the more glaring and prevalent issues present within the PS4 app, before opting for a release to more regions. Meanwhile, save some storage space on your PS4 and install Paramount+ on your smart TV or your phone.


Is Paramount+ available on the PS4?

Yes, Paramount+ is available to download on the PS4 via the PlayStation Store. However, it is only available on the US region.

Is there any other way to stream Paramount+ on the PS4?

Absolutely. You can share your screen on to your PS4 or stream Paramount+ as an add-on through the Amazon Prime app on the PS4.

Is the Paramount+ app on the PS4 worth it?

No. The Paramount+ app on the PS4 is nearly unusable and nothing compared to the Netflix or Amazon Prime app for the PS4. You’re better off downloading the app on your phone or your TV.


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