Meta Says Delete Your Instagram Account to Delete Threads Profile

Meta made headlines yesterday with the launch of its new social application called Threads. Positioned as a direct competitor to Twitter, Threads was developed by Meta’s Instagram team and quickly gained traction, amassing over 11 million users within just seven hours of its release.

However, users have recently discovered a hidden trap within the Threads app: deleting their Threads account also results in the loss of their Instagram account. This crucial detail, mentioned in Meta’s supplementary privacy policy but not prominently disclosed, has raised concerns among users who value their Instagram presence.

Upon logging into Threads using their Instagram account, users find themselves unable to log out of Threads independently without deleting their entire Instagram account. While temporarily disabling a Threads account is possible without affecting the associated Instagram profile, permanent deletion of a Threads profile requires the irrevocable loss of all Instagram content and connections.

Currently, Threads only allows users to temporarily disable their accounts from the app. Deleting a profile would require users to delete their linked Instagram profile as well.

Users left confused over Threads

The reasoning behind Meta’s tight integration of Threads with Instagram remains unclear. Speculation suggests that the decision may stem from a desire to leverage Instagram’s vast user base of 2 billion individuals. This is on top of the various security and privacy concerns that users have pointed out in the app.

Nevertheless, this integration has introduced significant inconveniences and potential troubles for users, especially newcomers who are merely curious about trying out Threads.

Critics argue that Meta should provide an alternative option that enables users to delete their Threads account separately while retaining their Instagram account and its associated content. By granting users greater control over their social media presence, Meta could alleviate concerns and promote a more user-friendly experience.

As the situation unfolds, users are advised to exercise caution when engaging with Threads and to familiarize themselves with Meta’s policies before making any irreversible decisions regarding their accounts. Transparency and clear communication regarding the interplay between Threads and Instagram will be vital in maintaining user trust and satisfaction moving forward.


Farhan Ali

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