Louis Rossman Has “Made a Better Revanced” with new GrayJay App

Louis Rossman, a well-known internet personality and businessman, has announced the launch of his new project “GrayJay.” An app that is user-friendly and gives you more flexibility when it comes to watching content from your favourite creator regardless of their platform. Ad-free and more feature-rich, GrayJay is a must-have for everyone who wants to watch videos online without interruption.

GrayJay is an open-source app, which means that users are free to alter it to meet their specific needs. Regardless of this, the app’s original version may be downloaded from the Google Play store for a one-time fee of $9.99 as an in-app purchase. According to Louis, the purpose of this fee is to ensure that the consumer is not being utilized as a product by the corporation and that the transaction is actually taking place in the opposite direction.

One-Time User Fee

Merging All Platforms

According to Louis, people are subscribing to people based on the platform and not based on the person and his identity. This is a weak end for creators and GrayJay attempts to solve just that problem. The app merges a number of platforms and provides a hassle-free experience of watching your favourite creator regardless of the platform he posted on.

Louis’s main idea behind the app is the fact it empowers creators and links the viewers properly compared to other platforms. All of this added with an absence of playback ads is surprising, to say the least. The app has plugins for different websites e.g. YouTube and Twitch, which users can download using specific QR codes.

Customer as a Product?

What sets this app different from other available options is the ideology behind the app’s creation. According to Louis:

We want the Customer to use our product and not the app using the customer as a product

This is a really good perspective from the consumer POV since this app makes sure none of your personal data is collected and used later. In addition to all of this, GrayJay has become a fan talk thanks to its extraordinary features.

Due to this thinking, GrayJay has set a one-time fee of $9.99 and sustain itself as a business. This is fairly acceptable considering people will be tension-free while using the app.

These are all the available details as of yet, rest assured we will make sure to update you in case any new information is available.


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