New Snapchat Update Now Shows Streak Score in Notifications

Snapchat is a popular social platform that allows users to connect with their friends and family without realizing the distance between them. You can share quick snaps of your day to stay in touch with loved ones and increase your “Streak score” so that you can continue sending snaps daily and stay in touch almost every day.

Snapchat introduced Snapstreak on notifications in its most recent update, allowing users to see their streak score on the notification bar when receiving a snap from someone. It is still unknown if the app will also include the timer notification which might be quite useful to remind you of sending a snap. The picture below shows the new Snapchat notification.

Snapchat Now Shows Streakscore in Notifications

With this update, users can now track their streak score with specific people without having to open the app. This update comes just after Snapchat introduced teen-safety regulations which shows that the company is working on improving user experience and the quality of their app. You can install this update from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store although it should automatically be updated by now.

Snapchat also introduced paid streak restores a while ago, allowing you complete control over your snap streaks even if you missed sending one due to an emergency. These changes are focused on users and the app has kept its fanbase by keeping its users in check and introducing what is in popular demand. The company also introduced measures over inappropriate material that was being posted publicly.

Snap just introduced a three-part strike system across Stories and Spotlight, where users may identify public content that is widely shared. Snap claims that under the new system, objectionable content that it proactively discovers or that is reported to the firm will be removed instantly. Accounts that try to bypass Snap’s policies will also be banned.

This is all we have for now, rest assured we will keep you updated if new information is available


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