Meta CEO Tweets After 11 Years to Promote Rival “Threads”

In a surprising turn of events, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Platforms Inc, has broken his over a decade-long silence on Twitter with a playful jab at Elon Musk. The tweet came on the same day Meta’s Instagram officially unveiled its highly anticipated Twitter substitute, Threads.

This move not only marks Zuckerberg’s return to the social media platform but also hints at the competitive rivalry between Meta and Musk’s struggling social media service.

Zuckerberg’s tweet, his first since 2012, featured an image of identical Spider-Men locked in a face-off. While the tweet’s meaning remains open to interpretation, it undeniably adds an extra layer of intrigue to the already fierce competition between Meta and Musk’s ventures.

Threads, the newly unveiled app by Instagram, poses a significant threat to existing social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

With features allowing users to share text, links, and engage in conversations, Threads aims to provide a platform for public conversations with a massive user base. Zuckerberg emphasized this in his statement, expressing hopes of creating a public conversations app with over a billion users.

Concerns Arise Over Data Collection in Threads

Threads (left) collects significantly more data from its users than Twitter (right) on iOS. | App Store

As excitement grows around the launch of Threads, concerns have also been raised regarding the extensive data collection practices of Meta’s platforms.

While many social media apps collect various forms of user data, Threads is expected to gather an even broader range of information, including health and fitness data, financial information, location history, and purchase details.

Meta’s previous platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have utilized user data to enhance targeted advertising capabilities. While these practices have become commonplace in the social media landscape, the potential scope of data collection in Threads raises privacy concerns among users.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey also made a veiled snide towards the new platform on his Twitter account.

Moreover, as Meta emphasizes the seamless integration of Threads with Instagram, users will have the option to sync their handles, profile pictures, and posts from the popular photo and video-sharing platform. Creators can even pre-approve their followers for Threads, facilitating community building and fostering ongoing discussions.

However, it remains unclear if the verification process for Instagram handles will undergo any changes or if the subscription-based profile verification service will be altered.

Additionally, while Threads might offer the ability to follow and interact with individuals on other platforms like Mastodon, restricting replies to posts may limit the reach of shared content to the Threads app exclusively.

As the discussion around Threads intensifies, privacy advocates and users alike are keeping a close eye on how Meta handles the vast amounts of personal data gathered by the app.

While data collection has become an inherent part of social media platforms, it is essential for companies like Meta to prioritize user privacy and security in order to maintain user trust and confidence.


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