How to Fix “Low Level Fatal Error” in Atomic Heart?

The Low Level Fatal Error on Atomic Heart can occur due to several reasons. This can often include corruption or damage to the game files on your computer, the use of the Flawless Widescreen plugin with the game, and more.

Atomic Heart Low Level Fatal Error Message
Atomic Heart Low Level Fatal Error Message

In some instances, the problem can arise due to any overclocks that you have applied to your hardware which makes the game unstable. We will take you through a number of methods, in this article, that you can apply to resolve the error message in question. 

1. Edit Launch Options

The first thing that you should do when starting to troubleshoot the error message is to edit your launch options. Like most of the new games, Atomic Heart utilizes the DirectX12 technology on your computer by default. However, this has been causing the game to crash and throw up the error message in question.

In such a scenario, you will have to force the game to use a different version of DirectX on your system. To do this, you can use the launch options feature on Steam which allows you to change the functionality of a game on your computer. Follow the instructions below to force Atomic Heart to use DirectX11:

  1. First, open the Steam client on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the games library and right-click on Atomic Heart. Choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
    Opening Game Properties
    Opening Game Properties
  3. On the Properties, scroll down to the Launch Options area.
  4. There, add the -dx11 or -d3d11 command.
    Enabling DirectX11
    Enabling DirectX11
  5. Close the Properties window and see if that resolves the issue.

2. Turn off Scanning Fix (Flawless Widescreen users only)

Flawless Widescreen is a plugin that makes it easy to implement fixes and patches to ultrawide monitors and resolutions. One of the features that it boasts is the scanning fix which essentially is used for scanning the nearby area in the game. This is because you are able to cover more of your surroundings on the screen which need to be scanned before they are shown on the monitor.

The scanning fix feature has been causing the game to crash in various occasions which why you will have to disable it in the plugin for the error message to go away. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, open the Flawless Widescreen app on your computer.
  2. After that, choose Atomic Heart on the left-hand side.
  3. Under Individual Fixes, uncheck the Scanning Fix checkbox.
    Disabling Scanning Fix in Flawless Widescreen
    Disabling Scanning Fix in Flawless Widescreen
  4. Once you do that, open the game and see if the error message still occurs. 

3. Lower Graphics Settings

The graphics settings of the game can also cause it to crash in various scenarios. This happens when you are using High or above quality preset. In some scenarios, the game is not able to render the details of the world as per your chosen quality preset in some areas which causes it throw up the error message. 

In such a scenario, you will have to lower your graphics settings to resolve the issue. This behavior can also be triggered due to the overclocked hardware on your computer which causes an inconsistency and thus the game ends up crashing. 

In most instances, you will be able to revert to your original graphics settings after going through the area where the crashes occur. To change your graphics settings, simply open the Settings menu and navigate to Quality. Use the Preset option to change the quality preset. In this case, you will have to change it to Medium for the game to work properly. See if that helps in mitigating the problem. 

4. Verify Game Files

Another potential cause of the problem can be the game files on your computer. If the game installation files are either damaged or corrupted, the game is bound to crash at different instances. In such a scenario, you will have to repair the game files to circumvent the error message.

Repairing the game files is a simple task, thanks to the verify integrity of game files feature on the Steam app. This allows you to scan the game files on your computer allowing you to replace any missing or inconsistent files on your computer by downloading them from the Steam servers. 

To scan and repair your game files, follow the instructions down below:

  1. First, open the Steam client on your computer.
  2. On the Steam client, navigate to the Library section.
  3. There, right-click on Atomic Heart and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
    Opening Game Properties
    Opening Game Properties
  4. On the Properties window, switch to the Local Files tab.
  5. There, click on the Verify integrity of game files option.
    Verifying Integrity of Game Files
    Verifying Integrity of Game Files
  6. Wait for the scan to complete and see if that resolves the issue.

5. Remove Overclock (if applicable)

Finally, if none of the above methods have resolved the problem for you and you have overclocked the hardware on your system, it is likely that this is causing the issue. Overclocking is a great way to unlock the full potential of your hardware, such as the CPU and GPU. This is achieved essentially by increasing the boost clock along with a number of other adjustments.

As it turns out, overclocking can get you better results in terms of performance, it can come with its own set of side-effects. In some cases, certain games will not run well on your overclocked components due to stability reasons. In such a scenario, you will have to remove the applied overclocks from your components to resolve the issue. 

In case of Atomic Heart, the most important piece of hardware that you need to pay attention to is your GPU. If you have overclocked your GPU, remove it and see if that resolves the issue. In addition, you can also try underclocking it by a few MHz to see if that makes a difference. 


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