How to verify Integrity of Steam Game Files and Library

Steam is a digital distribution platform which distributes thousands of games to millions of users. It is developed by Valve Corporation. Steam provides a user with automatic updating of games, installation, community features and purchasing options. Steam is considered to be the biggest digital distribution platform for PC’s and it has estimated 75% of all the market shares.

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Like all other software giants, Steam also has technical problems on its client where games may fail to launch properly or undergo some random error. For this purpose, Steam has added a feature to verify the integrity of all the game files in your client.

This feature compares the game files you have on your PC with those of the latest version located on the Steam servers. If it senses some discrepancy, it replaces or adds any files. While downloading a huge game, it is a possibility that some of the downloaded files may be corrupted and because of this, the game may fail to launch as required.

Steam has a manifest downloaded in its computer. All of the downloaded files are listed in it along with their versions. There are hundreds of game files present on your computer, instead of comparing each and every file, it compares the manifest on your computer with the manifest on the Steam servers.  If it senses anything different, it fixes it accordingly.

Verifying Integrity of Game Files

  1. Launch your Steam client. Browse to the Library tab (click the name Library present at the top of the screen).
  2. Your Library consists of all the different games which are installed in your PC. Right click the game which you want to verify, and click on Properties from the list of options.

  1. Once in the Properties, navigate to the Local Files tab (press the tab from the top of the screen.

  1. Here you will see a button named “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. Click it. Now Steam will start comparing the manifests and will verify the integrity of your game. This process may take a while so don’t cancel it.

Repairing Library Folders

Your library contains all the games which are installed in your PC. If your client is experiencing some problems or difficulties, we can repair your Library folders and check if the behavior gets fixed.

  1. Launch your Steam client. Press the Steam button present at the top left side of the screen. From the drop down menu, click on Settings.
  2. Once in the Settings, navigate to the Downloads tab (present at the left side of the window).
  3. Here you will see a button named “Steam Library Folders”. Click it.

  1. A new window will open in front of you consisting of all the install locations where your Steam content is present. Right click on the option and select the option of Repair Library Folder.

  1. Now Steam will ask you to confirm your actions and Windows will ask you to allow access to the Command Prompt. Click yes in both cases to start the repair process. It may take a while so it is advised not to cancel it while it’s underway.


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