Lost Ark Server Transfer: Can I Change My Character’s Server?

Unable to Play Across Servers? There's a Solution for that!

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG with a lot of action-packed game modes. However, it has a mixed share of reviews because of an issue related to changing servers.

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your character from the current server to another one in Lost Ark. So, for instance, if you’re on the EU Central server, you’ll have to keep playing there and cannot move to any other server.

This means that you can’t join the guilds of your friends and miss out on doing many things together. If they selected a different server and you chose a different one, you can’t add them or play all game modes together.

However, you get 6 free characters to begin with. If you selected one character on a specific server, then you can select the second character on the other one. In short, you can join six servers at once.

Why Can’t I Transfer to Another Server in Lost Ark?

This is because the developers have yet to include this feature in the game. While many MMORPGs let you do this, Lost Ark players are still waiting for waiting to connect to different servers in the game.

This is also the reason why some players have left the game, as they are unable to play with their friends. Besides, some servers are language-specific, and you won’t be able to understand what your teammates are saying, which is really frustrating.

According to the devs, they don’t have the technology currently to make this possible. So, all we can do is wait and hope they will make it happen in the near future.

Will there be a Server Transfer Option in the Future?

The Lost Ark developers have hinted that server transfers can be included in the game, but they can take a long period. One of them said that developing and implementing this will require a lot of time, but they are working toward it in collaboration with Smilegate.

The players have been raising this issue for more than a year, but they haven’t gotten any satisfactory answers yet. Even now, there’s no specific date or time frame given regarding the release of this feature.

Will my Progress be Lost if I Transfer to Another Server?

Unfortunately, yes, you will have to start from zero if you go to a new server with your existing character. Also, you will lose any premium packs that you bought with real money.

This is why many players are not shifting to a new server and have simply stopped playing the game until a server transfer option becomes available.

Can I Play with my Friends from Other Servers in Lost Ark?

Even though you can’t add your friends from different servers, there are still plenty of game modes you can play with your friends, including:

  • Raids
  • Cube
  • Dungeons
  • PvP Arena
  • Boss Rush
  • Platinum Fields
  • Auction House

Note: Your and your friends’ regions need to be the same, while the servers can be different.

On the other hand, you can’t play Open World, Arena Premade, Guild vs Guild, and some other game modes across servers.

Now this is what you need to do to play across servers:

  1. Go to the Party or Group Finder.

  1. Select the game mode.
  2. Create the lobby.

  1. Let your friends join by searching the lobby name or your username.
  2. Start the match once everyone joins.

If your friends are unable to find the group or there’s a problem joining, let someone else make the group.

Does Server Transfer Exist in Any Region?

A server transfer was released for Korea, as most of the players are from this region. However, it wasn’t a permanent feature and was released for experimentation to see if it would work or not.

Unfortunately, it was never released for other servers, including EU, NA, or LATAM, since these regions have many servers that can be difficult to handle.

But again, due to constant complaints from the players, Smilegate and Tripod Studio will eventually have to include Server Transfer in Lost Ark. Otherwise, players can easily move on to other games, which obviously these developers wouldn’t want to happen.

If you also want to submit a request regarding this issue, head over to the Lost Ark community forum or Reddit forum and have your say.

The moderators from Tripod Studio do reply, and even if they don’t, many players will second your opinion.


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