What to Expect from Season 2 of Netflix’s Kengan Ashura?

Ohma Tokita's Legendary Comeback to Resolve Some Major Clashes in Season 2!

If you are a fan of martial arts-themed anime, chances are you have binge-watched the action-packed Kengan Ashura. After a hiatus, spanning nearly 4 years, this Netflix original is making its triumphant return in the next week.

So like any other anime lover, we are seizing the opportunity to disclose Season 2 details. We will discuss what to expect from its highly anticipated return. But if you are not a fan of blood thirsty action scenes, you can check out our recent take on I Am the Villain’s episode 8 review. Now without any further ado, let’s get started!

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The Setting of Kengan Ashura

The anime focuses on Kengan combats, in simple words its the Japanese version of gladiator fights. This tradition is deeply rooted in Japanese culture since Edo period. The anime showcases rich and powerful people hiring fighters for deadly and ruthless fights.

These powerful people use such fighters to resolve their personal and professional disputes by staking someone else’s life. Our main protagonist, Ohma Tokito gets hired by Yamashita Kazuo, who is an ordinary employee of Nogi Group.

Yamashita does this to secure his corporate rights. But Ohma turns out to be one of the best players Yamashita has ever selected. But after knowing that Tokito has some super human abilities, more and more bidders come to hire him. This fuels the desire in Ohma to become the best Kengan figher.

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A Brief Recap of Kengan Ashuras Season 1

The first season of Kengan Ashura kicked off with an immediate qualification of 28 brutal and powerful fighters. This qualification left many other fighters including Tokito Ohma for fighting tooth and nail for the remaining spots.

Moreover, the first season also introduces us to the shaddy dealings of the Kengan Association and its Chairman Katahara Metsudo. The climax included Tokito’s transformative moments when he starts to have visions of his father. These visions unlocked hidden abilities which proved to be a turning point for Tokito against Raian.

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What to Expect from Kengan Ashura Season 2?

The first season was centered around introducing intense battles to the viewers and how the Kengan Association works. In season 2, we can expect that the focus might shift towards individual stories of the main characters.

This leads us to deduce that the makers might give us some more glimpses of Ohma’s life and his past. One thing we are sure about that the show is known for its violent fights so season 2 will likely showcase even more brutal fights in the name of the Nogi Group.

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How Many Episodes to Expect from Season 2?

Well there is no solid answer to this question, as it completely depends on the makers. However, we can expect that since season 1 was divided into two parts the second season might also be divided into two parts.

So, this leaves us to expect that the second season might also include 24 episodes. Probably it will air its first 12 episodes in September and the remaining ones in October. No matter what comes but we can bet that Season 2 of Kengan Ashura and it will surely break its previous records. The anime is set to make new fans for its artwork, story and character design along with its intense action and buffed men!

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Our Verdict on Kengan Ashura Season 2

We honestly think that Kengan Ashura is a good binge worthy anime. However, when it comes to reaching a global audience, this Netflix’s original does has some of the advantage over other traditional martial arts themed anime

Because of its popularity and story, we rate Kengan Ashura and especially its killer combat scenes a solid 8.5 and if you are craving some action anime then give this one a try.

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What to Watch If You Like Kengan Ashura?

Every anime has its own uniqueness and characters that captivates the audience. But if you want some good recommendations with fight sequences like Kengan Ashura, then we have curated a list of anime recommendations for you. These anime recommendations promise to offer thrilling battles and engaging storylines to keep anime lovers glued to their screens.

Our Anime Recommendations

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1. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll is a film set in ancient feudal Japan where Kibagami has to fight shinobi. But his fights are no ordinary as he has some super natural powers to kill his enemies. His responsibility is to eliminate Eight Devils of Kimon.

But the best part of this anime is not its action scenes, but the beauty of its animation that was done by hand in the 90’s. So, to put it straight, we think its one of the best anime that you can watch if you love martial arts themed anime as this never let you get bored!

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple | Prime Video

2. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

An anime that focuses on learning martial arts to not to get bullied in school! Yes Kenichi is a boy who gets bullied in the most dangerous manners. One day he decides to learn martial arts to so that he can protect himself from bullies.

Though it might seem that this anime has a simple setting, but it has some intense martial art scenes and brutal fights that will give you the perfect adrenaline rush.

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3. Hinomaru SumoWa

Originally introduced as a sports manga, Hinomaru Sumo focuses on what it takes to be the expert in martial arts and how it transforms one life. This anime is one of a kind and it will leave you with so many unsaid narratives on martial art that you will find from no where else!

Ending Note

We hope you loved to read our Kengan Ashura Season 2 related expectations. All our recommendations focus on offering you the best martial arts themed anime as well. But if you are someone who loves to watch anime, check out our take on the best thriller anime of this season!


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