Vivid Seats is Legit, But Should You Buy Tickets from Them?

Key Takeaways
  • Vivid Seats provides a platform for buying and selling event tickets, featuring a range of delivery options and a 100% Buyer Guarantee. While many users report positive experiences, citing excellent customer service and successful transactions, others have faced issues such as non-delivery of tickets and difficulty obtaining refunds.
  • Vivid Seats competes with SeatGeek's user-friendly system and TicketMaster's direct venue partnerships. Each has its own advantages, whether special deals, ease of use, or reliability.
  • The mixed reviews of Vivid Seats suggest caution. For a more guaranteed experience, consider other platforms or direct purchases, although Vivid Seats' protections still appeal to many.

Securing tickets for events like concerts, comedy shows, or sports games has become as tricky as finding affordable transportation or parking. That’s where ticket resale platforms like Vivid Seats come in, offering hope when direct purchase options fall through.

While some may use these platforms for profit, they’re a lifeline for last-minute ticket seekers. The fear of buying invalid or scam tickets appears large. In this guide, we will look into Vivid Seats to see if it is trustworthy and to find out what users think about their experiences with it.

What is Vivid Seats?

What is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace that connects ticket sellers with buyers. It offers a simple way to find tickets for various events, allowing users to search by dates, venues, cities, prices, quantities, and where the seats are located. Vivid Seats claims to stand behind every purchase with a 100% Buyer Guarantee.

This guarantee ensures that your purchase is safe, the tickets will be delivered before the event, and they will be valid. If not, you will get your money back. They offer different ways to get your tickets, including:

  • Mobile e-tickets
  • Tickets sent by email for instant download
  • Tickets sent by standard mail
  • Electronic transfer
  • AXS Mobile ID
  • Special delivery options like local pickup or paperless tickets

Vivid Seats has rules for selling tickets on their platform. The tickets need to be for an event in the U.S., and you can’t sell tickets you don’t own yet. The seller doesn’t have to pay for shipping. Vivid Seats also sends out deals and discounts through email to help you save money on tickets.

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↪ What makes Vivid Seats unique?

What makes Vivid Seats unique?

Vivid Seats distinguishes itself in the ticket-selling marketplace through its commitment to fan safety and satisfaction. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Seller vetting: Sellers are carefully checked before listing tickets, ensuring a trustworthy marketplace. Recognized sellers get a special ribbon on their listings.
  • Secure payments: Your transactions are protected with the latest technology, ensuring no need for cash or wire transfers.
  • Ticket protection: A dedicated anti-fraud team verifies tickets and ensures their safe transfer. Vivid Seats also provides on-site support for significant events and responsive customer service for any inquiries.

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Is Vivid Seats legit?

When browsing for event tickets, Vivid Seats emerges as a top choice, with a mixture of reviews leaning more toward the positive. On Trustpilot, Vivid Seats has an admirable TrustScore of 4 out of 5 from over 15,000 reviews, with 62% rating their experience as five-star.

Vivid Seats reviews on Trustpilot

Such positive feedback highlights excellent customer service, smooth transactions, and the added delight of occasional seat upgrades for super fans.

On Consumer Affairs, with 1444 reviews, Vivid Seats has a rating of 1.1 out of 5, indicating the most negative reviews.

Vivid Seats ratings on Consumer Affairs

Similarly, on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company also receives a low rating of 1.03/5, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction with their experiences.

Vivid Seats ratings BBB

These ratings highlight some of the challenges and frustrations customers have faced, ranging from issues with ticket validity to customer service concerns. We saw the same thing on Reddit forums. Some people praise the platform, and others say they got scammed or tickets weren’t delivered.

Exploring the one-star reviews for Vivid Seats reveals several customer grievances, including:

  • Poor customer service experiences
  • Tickets not delivered or delivered too late
  • Tickets being sold at high prices
  • Unexpected extra charges
  • Challenges in obtaining refunds
  • Difficulties in reselling tickets

The most frequent complaint among these was the non-arrival of tickets. Numerous customers reported that they could not secure their tickets despite reaching out to customer service. Another significant issue was the struggle to get refunds, a problem that was repeatedly mentioned.

The contrast between these ratings and the more favorable reviews found on Trustpilot and through direct customer testimonials suggests that experiences with Vivid Seats can vary widely.

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Vivid Seats vs. SeatGeek vs. TicketMaster

Vivid Seats vs SeatGeek vs TicketMaster

Vivid Seats’ 100% Buyer Guarantee is a testament to their commitment to security and reliability, ensuring that tickets are authentic and arrive on time. Let’s compare it to other very popular online ticketing sites:

1. SeatGeek

SeatGeek prides itself on its user-friendly interface and the innovative Deal Score system, which helps buyers identify the best value for tickets.

Seatgeek Homepage

SeatGeek aggregates tickets from various sources, offering a comprehensive view of available event tickets. This can sometimes result in better deals compared to single-source platforms. SeatGeek’s transparency regarding fees and prices also adds to a favorable buying experience, although, like any third-party platform, it’s subject to the variability of the resale market.

2. TicketMaster

TicketMaster is perhaps the most established name in the ticketing industry, often serving as the primary distributor for many venues and events.

TicketMaster homepage

Its extensive reach means buyers can find tickets for almost any significant event. TicketMaster’s official partnership with venues and artists adds a layer of security and authenticity to ticket purchases. This can sometimes mean higher prices, service fees, and active pricing, which adjusts ticket prices based on demand.

↪ Which one should you choose?

In choosing between Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, buyers should consider:

  • Selection and availability: TicketMaster often has the edge for primary market tickets, while Vivid Seats and SeatGeek offer extensive resale market options.
  • Pricing and fees: SeatGeek’s transparent pricing and Vivid Seats’ varied delivery options can offer value, but TicketMaster’s lively pricing may impact the overall cost.
  • User experience: SeatGeek’s user-friendly interface and Deal Score system may appeal to buyers looking for an easy, value-focused buying experience.

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Should you trust and buy tickets from Vivid Seats?

Using Vivid Seats for ticket purchases involves considering the potential risks against the rewards. Customer feedback reveals that many have had positive experiences with the platform, praising its customer service and successful ticket transactions.

Mixed reviews also point out ticket delivery delays and difficulties obtaining refunds. The platform isn’t without flaws, but it facilitates successful event attendance for many users.

For those prioritizing security in ticket purchasing, exploring more consistently and positively reviewed platforms like Ticketmaster or SeatGeek may be advisable. Alternatively, buying directly from original vendors guarantees ticket authenticity, although it might be more challenging for highly sought-after events.

While Vivid Seats can be a reliable source for tickets, it’s wise to consider alternative options for a more assured experience, especially for high-stakes events.


Can you sell my tickets on Vivid Seats if you can’t attend the event?

Vivid Seats allows you to list and sell your tickets on their platform. You’ll need to create a seller account, and once your tickets sell, Vivid Seats takes a commission from the sale price. It’s a straightforward process, but ensure you follow their guidelines for listing and selling.

What should you do if the event is canceled or postponed?

If an event is canceled, most resale platforms, including Vivid Seats, offer refunds or credits. For postponed events, your tickets will be valid for the new date. However, policies vary, so check with the specific platform for their procedures.

Is there a way to avoid high service fees when buying resale tickets?

Service fees are standard on most ticket resale platforms as they cover operational costs. To avoid surprises, look for platforms that display total prices upfront. Sometimes, buying directly from the venue or the original ticket seller can minimize these fees.

What is the difference between mobile e-tickets and standard shipping?

Mobile e-tickets are digital tickets delivered to your smartphone, which you can present at the event for entry. Standard shipping involves physical tickets mailed to your address. The delivery method depends on the seller’s preference and the event’s requirements.

How to contact Vivid Seats customer service?

Vivid Seats offers customer support through various email, phone, and live chat channels. It’s best to check their website for the most current contact information and hours of operation.


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