Intel 5th Generation ‘Emerald Rapids’, 6th Generation ‘Granite Rapids’ Xeon, Sierra-Forest & Raptor Lake Refresh CPU Specifications Leaked

YuuKi_AnS on Twitter has shared a specifications list for Intel’s upcoming server and mainstream products. These include the Emerald Rapids, Granite Rapids, Sierra Forest and the Raptor Lake Refresh series of CPUs. The most noteworthy are the 5th and 6th Generation of Xeon offerings, the latter of which is crucial towards Intel’s response to AMD.

Intel Emerald Rapids & Granite Rapids Xeon Specs Leaked

The 5th Generation of Xeon processors codenamed Emerald Rapids is the data center equivalent for Intel’s Raptor Lake. From the microarchitectural perspective, Emerald Rapids will make use of Raptor Cove and Intel’s ‘Intel 7‘ process node. As Raptor Cove does not offer significant IPC gains over Golden Cove, expect minimal improvements.

As initially unveiled by Intel, Emerald Rapids will offer up to 64 cores / 128 threads and 320MB of cache. These CPUs support DDR5-5600 memory and up to 80 PCIe Gen5 lanes. Most samples are now in their final phase of production and should hit shelves by Q4 2023.

Intel 5th Generation ‘Emerald Rapids’ Xeon Processors | YuuKi_AnS

Granite Rapids on the other hand is Intel’s trump card against Genoa and the likes of Turin. These CPUs are currently marked ‘ES1‘ hinting that they are in their early development stages. The specifications are not exciting, thus far, as the highest-end configuration goes up to 56 cores.

The SP models should boast 2 Compute Tiles for a total of 80 or 88 P-Cores. In case of any AP variations, expect 3 tiles for 120 or 132 P-Cores. Whatever the case may be, Granite Rapids is tipped to offer support for 8-channel DDR5-6400 RAM.

Intel 6th Generation ‘Granite Rapids’ Xeon Processors | YuuKi_AnS

Granite Rapids is slated to launch sometime in 2024, more specifically, during the first half of the year.

Sierra Forest & Raptor Lake Refresh

Based on the Intel 3 process similar to Granite Rapids, the Sierra Forest E-Core family will see a maximum of 144 cores. Do note that these are based on Intel’s atom/efficient core architecture and designed for specific usecases. We have already seen two of these SKUs before, more on that here.

Intel E-Core ‘Sierra Forest’ Xeon Processors | YuuKi_AnS

Sierra Forest will feature 96-core/128-core and 144-core flavors with support for fast DDR5-5600 memory. These CPUs are to be used in a dual-socket configuration, theoretically increasing the core count to 288 cores (2S). Since SMT is disabled, each core will only get 1 thread.

We have already seen the 14th Generation K-CPUs in action with all specifications revealed beforehand. Read more about that here. This leak covers all processors including the non-K series, which are currently planned for CES 2024.

Pertnitantly, all processors below the i5-14600 see a drop in supported memory speeds from 5600MT/s to 4800MT/s. Since all CPUs are in their Qualification Stages, we may see some non-K SKUs sneak out before launch, akin to the i5-13400 that Appuals exclusively covered last year.

Intel 14th Generation ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ Core Processors | YuuKi_AnS

The Raptor Lake Refresh lineup is due to launch on the 19th of September during Intel’s yearly Innovation Event. Stay tuned at Appuals for more news coverages like this.

Source: YuuKi_AnS


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