Intel i5-14600K, i7-14700K & i9-14900K Specifications Confirmed by Leak, More Cores & Faster Clock Speeds For Better Performance has leaked the specifications of the K-tier SKUs from Intel’s upcoming 14th Generation. This includes the i5-14600K, the i7-14700K, and the kingpin i9-14900K. We should remind users that these CPUs feature an architecture identical to Raptor Lake. The only differences are the increased core counts and faster clock speeds.

i5-14600K, i7-14700K & i9-14900K Specifications

As per the rumored information, Benchlife received an update regarding the specifications. These specifications are slightly different from what RedGamingTech reported a while back. Additionally, we have the confirmed clock speeds and cache counts, which can easily be calculated since the architecture does not change.

FeatureIntel Core i5-14600KIntel Core i7-14700KIntel Core i9-14900K
Base Core Frequency3.5GHz3.4GHz3.2GHz
Intel Thermal Velocity Boost TechnologyN/AN/AYES
Intel Thermal Velocity Boost FrequencyN/AN/A6.0GHz
Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0N/AYESYES
Intel TBMT3 FrequencyN/A5.6GHz5.8GHz
P-Core Max Turbo Frequency5.3GHz5.5GHz5.7GHz
E-Core Max Turbo Frequency4.0GHz4.3GHz4.4GHz
Intel Smart Cache24MB33MB36MB

Starting off, the i5-14600K retains a core count similar to the i5-13600K, although with a 200MHz higher P-core clock speed. The E-cores can also boost up to 4GHz, which is 100MHz higher than what the 13600K offers.

  • i5-14600K: +200Mhz P-Core Frequency | +100MHz E-Core Frequency

The 20-core i7-14700K on the other hand has already been seen in the battlefield before so we will only confirm the clock speeds. Yet again, we see a 200MHz increase in the clock frequency for the P-cores with the E-cores being 100MHz faster much like the 14600K.

  • i7-14700K: +4 E-Cores | +200MHz P-Core Frequency | +100MHz E-Core Frequency

Last, but not the least, the i9-14900K only sees a slight bump in the clock speeds which now hit the 6GHz barrier. This is not different from the i9-13900KS, apart from the E-cores which also boost 100MHz higher. We are not sure about the binning process, though the difference seems minimal between these two generations.

  • i9-14900K: +200MHz P-Core Frequency | +100MHz E-Core Frequency


Raptor Lake RefreshCores/ThreadsRaptor LakeCores/Threads
i9-14900K/KF24/32Core i9-13900K24/32
i7-14700K/KF20/28Core i7-13700K16/24
i5-14600K/KF14/20Core i5-13600K14/20
i5-1450014/20Core i5-1350014/20
i5-14400/F14/20Core i5-1340010/16
i3-14100/F6/12Core i3-131004/8



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