Raptor Lake Refresh Specifications Leaked, Up to 50% Higher Core Counts for the Mid-Ranged Segment

Hardware leaker RedGamingTech has shared some information regarding Intel’s upcoming 14th Generation CPUs. For the unaware, the 14th Generation will utilize the same Raptor Lake architecture. The actual performance leap will come in the form of higher core counts and more cache.

Raptor Lake Refresh

The i7-14700K was tested just a few hours ago, showing near 13900K levels. Back to the topic, the i7-14700K showed us a glimpse of what RPL-R has to offer. Basically, Raptor Lake has a lot more fuel in the tank, which can be refined further by more cores and higher clock speeds.

Raptor Lake Refresh is aimed at the mid-range segment of the market. Why? You may ask. The higher-end SKUs such as the i9-14900K apparently see no uplift in the core count. We may see a higher boost clock of ~200MHz, but that should not warrant an upgrade.

As shown in the slide below, the i9-14900K retains a core count similar to the 13900K. The 14700K jumps from 16 cores to 20 cores. Likewise, we see a similar shift in the mid-range segment. Its clear that CPUs above the i3 category are using 8/16 dies which can lead to a significant performance increase.

Raptor Lake Refresh SKUs | RedGamingTech
  • i9-14900K (24 Cores -> 24 Cores)
  • i7-14700K (16 Cores -> 20 Cores)
  • i5-14600K (14 Cores -> 16 Cores)
  • i5-14500 (14 Cores -> 14 Cores)
  • i5-14400 (10 Cores -> 14 Cores)
  • i3-14300 (New SKU)
  • i3-14100 (4 Cores -> 6 Cores)

As you can see, the actual purpose of RPL-R is to give Zen4 competition in the budget segment. Intel is betting on adding more cores and increasing the clock speeds for higher performance. Surprisingly, this strategy seemingly works as we saw with the i7-14700K.


Additionally, DLVR (Digital Linear Voltage Regulator) may or may not be activated with these CPUs. DLVR sits inside the CPU working alongside the voltage regulators on the motherboard. Since DLVR is so close to the CPU, we can expect an up to 25% decrease in power consumption. DLVR helps to minimize voltage ripples, being extremely near the CPU.


Raptor Lake RefreshCores/ThreadsRaptor LakeCores/Threads
i9-14900K/KF24/32Core i9-13900K24/32
i7-14700K/KF20/28Core i7-13700K16/24
i5-14600K/KF16/24Core i5-13600K14/20
i5-1450014/20Core i5-1350014/20
i5-14400/F14/20Core i5-1340010/16
i3-14100/F6/12Core i3-131004/8


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