Intel 3nm Based Sierra Forest 144 Core / 96 Core CPU Cache & TDP Leaked

Yuuki_ans has shared some specifications regarding Intel’s upcoming E-Core only Xeon series. Sierra Forest will directly compete against AMD’s Bergamo and will feature higher core counts.

Sierra Forest 144-Core & 96-Core CPU Specs

The leak details two CPUs, one with 96 cores and the other with 144 cores. Sierra Forest will make use of the ‘Intel 3‘ process node and the Crestmont architecture. Crestmont is the successor to the current Gracemont featured on Alder Lake & Raptor Lake CPUs.

The A0 silicon revision shows that these processors are close to launch. Intel aims to launch Sierra Forest in H1 2024, and it seems like these CPUs are on track. The 144-core beast packs 108MB of L3 cache which leads to a 3MB L3 slice. The TDP for both processors is rated at 350W, which is a bit surprising considering the core count difference.

Do note that Sierra Forest is an entirely different series as compared to Emerald Rapids/ Granite Rapids. These CPUs are for density-optimized workloads, featuring a lot of small E-cores. Following Sierra Forest, Intel will launch Clearwater Forest CPUs based on the Intel 18A (1.8nm) node in 2025.

Future Generations

Series4th Gen Xeon5th Gen Xeon6th Gen Xeon7th Gen Xeon
CodenameSapphire RapidsEmerald RapidsSierra ForestGranite RapidsClearwater ForestDiamond RapidsRogue River Forest
SocketSocket ESocket ETBCTBCTBCTBC
Release Year202320232024202420252025
PlatformEagle StreamEagle StreamBirch StreamBirch StreamTBCTBC
Core µArchGolden CoveRaptor CoveCrestmontRedwood CoveSkymont?Lion Cove+
Fabrication NodeIntel 7Intel 7Intel 3Intel 3Intel 18AIntel 18A?
Max Cores5664144 (SP) / 288 (AP)132 (AP) / 88 (SP)TBC192
Memory Support8x DDR5-48008x DDR5-560012x DDR5-6400TBC8x DDR5
HBM Supportup to 64GB HBM2eYesYesYes
PCI ExpressPCIe 5/4, 80 lanesPCIe 5.0, 80 lanesPCIe 5.0PCIe 6.0
CXL SupportGen1Gen1Gen2Gen3
Vector EnginesAVX-512/FMA2AVX-1024/FMA3?AVX-1024/FMA3?AVX-1024/FMA3?
AMD CounterpartGenoaGenoaBergamoTurinBergamo-NextVenice


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