Intel’s Upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs Rumored to Cross 5 GHz Clock Speeds

A large increase in clock speeds is expected from Intel’s highly anticipated mobile series based on the Meteor Lake architecture. To deploy a new mobile architecture with clock rates greater than 5 GHz, “Golden Pig Upgrade” verifies that Intel has overcome hardware constraints.

The Core 7 Ultra series, it is said, will reach 5.0 GHz in clock speed, while the Core Ultra 9 series, which is more powerful, will reach even higher. These discoveries debunk earlier speculation regarding possible clock-related issues, even though the precise limits of Meteor Lake’s clock speeds remain unpublished.

Intel Broke 5GHz on its Ultra 7 | Bilibili

It has been determined that the Redwood Cove core architecture will be used for the P-Cores and the Crestmont core architecture will be used for the E-Cores. Intel’s 4nm process node will be used to create the CPUs, while TSMC’s 5nm process node will be used to create the iGPU.

Currently, Intel’s Core i9-13900H which features a similar core configuration of 6+8 cores, has clock speeds rated at up to 5.4 GHz on a single core and is an optimized or 2nd gen version of the Alder Lake CPUs on a more mature node. We can expect greater optimizations in the future, but having fairly similar clock rates of 5.10-5.20 GHz is really decent given that Intel 4 (7nm EUV) will be brand new for Intel. Samples of GPUs running at 2.2–2.4 GHz have already begun to appear in various databases, so we should expect rates well above 2 GHz. Here is a quick rundown of all we know about Meteor Lake processors:

Intel Meteor Lake Mobility CPU Lineup Expected Features:

  • Triple-Hybrid CPU Architecture (P/E/LP-E Cores)
  • Brand New Redwood Cove (P-Cores)
  • Brand New Crestmont (E-Cores)
  • Up To 14 Cores (6+8) For H/P Series & Up To 12 Cores (4+8) For U Series CPUs
  • Intel 4 Process Node For CPU, TSMC For tGPU
  • Intel ‘Xe-MTL’ GPU With Up To 128 EUs
  • Up To LPDDR5X-7467 & DDR5-5200 Support
  • Up To 96 GB DDR5 & 64 GB LPDDR5X Capacities
  • Intel VPU For AI Inferencing With Atom Cores
  • x8 Gen 5 Lanes For Discrete GPU (Only H-Series)
  • Triple x4 M.2 Gen 4 SSD Support
  • Four Thunderbolt 4 Ports

The much-anticipated design will power the next generation of high-end laptops, which are expected to debut by the end of this year. In addition, Xe-LPG, a new GPU architecture inspired by Alchemist, will be introduced. At the September Intel Innovation event, the company is likely to reveal its new mobile chips to the public for the first time.

Intel and AMD Mobile CPUs

Intel Meteor LakeAMD Phoenix
NodeIntel 4TSMC N4
CPU ArchitectureRedwood Cove + CrestmontZen4
GPU ArchitectureXe-LPGRDNA3
Max CPU Clock4.8 GHz (QS) → 5.0 GHz+5.2 GHz (7940HS)
Max GPU Clock2.2 GHz (QS)2.8 GHz (7940HS)
Max CPU Cores6P + 8E + 2 LPE8C / 16T
Max GPU Cores8 Xe Cores (128EU / 1024 FP32)12CU (768 SP)
Max GPU Compute4.5 TFLOPS4.3 TFLOPS
LaunchQ4 2023Q2 2023
Source: VideoCardz

Source: Bilibili


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