Intel Meteor Lake iGPUs To Be as Powerful as The RTX 3050

GMKtec, a Chinese manufacturer has already announced its plans for Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs. As we discussed before, Meteor Lake will be the first to come under Intel’s new Core Processor umbrella of CPUs. Moreover, the company has also teased the performance metrics of Meteor Lake’s iGPU(s).

Currently, Meteor Lake is only planned for the mobile segment, with the desktop counterpart canceled or scraped.

Meteor Lake iGPU Performance

Meteor Lake will adopt Intel’s new Foveros 3D stacking technology and will be based on Intel’s 4nm ‘Intel 4′ process. Additionally, these CPUs will use the new Redwood Cove architecture. Speaking briefly about Foveros, Intel will place active dies over one another, which makes Foveros a pure 3D solution.

The new branding scheme basically means that Intel Core Ultra CPUs launching this year will be based on Meteor Lake. Likewise, the non-Ultra SKUs will utilize the Raptor Lake architecture.

GMKtec has already launched the world’s first Ryzen 9 7940HS powered Mini-PC. Similarly, the company also plans to incorporate Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs in its offerings. Do note that we will no longer see the ‘i3/i5/i7/i9‘ naming scheme as that has been replaced by Core 3/Core 5/Core 7 etcetera.

GMK Intel Announcement | GMK

About the performance, GMKtech claims that the Meteor Lake’s iGPU should perform somewhere between a GTX 1650 TI and an RTX 3050 (35W). That is an insane uplift in performance, especially for the laptop market. These APUs can give AMD’s Phoenix APUs a run for their money.

Meteor Lake’s integrated graphics solution uses Intel’s Xe-LPG architecture, a tad different from the Xe-HPG seen on Arc discrete GPUs. We should remind users that Xe-LPG is technically the successor to Xe-LP, used on Tiger Lake (11th Gen mobile) CPUs.

Intel Meteor Lake iGPU Performance | GMK


Meteor Lake is probably Intel’s most important product launch in recent history. These CPUs will determine the company’s position in 2024 and moving forward. Besides, if team blue delays things any further, AMD’s upcoming Zen5 products can be a serious threat to team blue’s remaining market share.

Source: GMK


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