Intel 14th Gen Core i5 Series Benchmark Reveals Massive 17% Performance Bump over Predecessor

The season of leaks about Intel’s latest generation of desktop CPUs has begun. It is clear that the series was recently delivered to OEMs, who wasted no time in putting the chips to the test. With the existing LGA1700 platform already supporting the new CPU series, there are no hurdles stopping such leaks from occurring at this time.

In this case, we have an ASUS Z790 motherboard with 32GB of DDR5-6000 memory, as well as Intel’s new 14-core processor known as the Core i5-14600KF. The SKU designation denotes the lack of integrated graphics functionality; nonetheless, this should have no effect on the test. The Geekbench data output shows the clock speeds, which confirms the previously rumoured 5.3 GHz frequency. This essentially represents a 200 MHz boost over the current generation’s i5-13600K CPU.

I5 14600KF Specifications | Geekbench

The CPU scores 2794 points in the single-core test and 17190 points in the multi-core test, according to the new Geekbench 6.1 version. This is a 5.5% increase in single-core performance and a 17.2% increase in multi-core performance over the Core i5-13600K.

14600KF Score | Geekbench

However, the increase in frequency of the maximum turbo clock cannot account for the entire gain in performance. It appears that there are more elements impacting the outcome. It’s possible that all cores can now operate at faster rates, or that changes in the benchmarking methodology led to these results.

In September, Intel will debut its 14th Generation Core K series, which will include at least six new CPUs, including K and KF versions. The new Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs will all have a faster clock speed than existing 13th Generation Core CPUs by 100 to 200 MHz. Pricing specifics are still unknown.

Intel Desktop Core Series Specifications

SKUConfiguration ↓Base ClockMax ClockPBP/MTBMSRP
Intel 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh”
Core i9-14900KS24/32T (8P+16E)TBC6.2 GHz150W/253WTBC
Core i9-14900K(F)24/32T (8P+16E)3.2 GHz6.0 GHz125W/253WTBC
Core i9-14900(F)24/32T (8P+16E)TBC5.8 GHz65W/219WTBC
Core i7-14700K(F)20/28T (8P+12E)3.4 GHz5.6 GHz125W/253WTBC
Core i7-14700(F)20/28T (8P+12E)TBC5.4 GHz65W/219WTBC
Core i5-14600K(F)14/20T (6P+8E)3.5 GHz5.3 GHz125W/253WTBC
Core i5-1460014/20T (6P+8E)TBC5.2 GHz65W/154WTBC
Core i5-1450014/20T (6P+8E)TBC5.0 GHz65W/154WTBC
Core i5-14400(F)10/16T (6P+4E)TBC4.7 GHz65W/148WTBC
Core i3-14100(F)4/8T (4P+0E)TBC4.7 GHz60W/89WTBC
Intel 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake”
Core i9-13900KS24/32T (8P+16E)3.2 GHz6.0 GHz150W/253W$699
Core i9-13900K(F)24/32T (8P+16E)3.0 GHz5.8 GHz125W/253W$589
Core i9-13900(F)24/32T (8P+16E)2.0 GHz5.6 GHz65W/219W$549
Core i7-13700K(F)16/24T (8P+8E)3.4 GHz5.4 GHz125W/253W$409
Core i7-13700(F)16/24T (8P+8E)2.1 GHz5.2 GHz65W/219W$384
Core i5-13600K(F)14/20T (6P+8E)3.5 GHz5.1 GHz125W/253W$319
Core i5-1360014/20T (6P+8E)2.7 GHz5.0 GHz65W/154W$255
Core i5-1350014/20T (6P+8E)2.5 GHz4.8 GHz65W/154W$232
Core i5-13400(F)10/16T (6P+4E)2.5 GHz4.6 GHz65W/148W$221
Core i3-13100(F)4/8T (4P+0E)3.4 GHz4.5 GHz60W/89W$134
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