Fix: HWiNFO64.SYS Driver Not Working After Windows Update

The HWiNFO64.SYS driver stops working after a Windows update is installed. This issue is caused by leftover installation files or core security interference with the driver’s functionality. As a result, a pop-up error message appears, indicating that the driver is not compatible with Windows’ security mitigation.

In this article, we will focus on elaborating on the HWiNFO64.SYS driver and why it’s not working after updating Windows or installing third-party antivirus software. The issue is quite annoying, but our expert advice will definitely help you resolve the issue without any problems.

What is HWiNFO64.SYS and should I remove it?

The HWiNFO64.SYS is an HWiNFO software driver that facilitates the passage of information between your PC operating system and the hardware components. The driver allows its software to get detailed information about your computer’s hardware.

HWiNFO64.SYS is not malware, and you can decide whether to remove it or keep it based on your situation or your reliance on the software for monitoring your system’s performance and hardware. If you are unsure about deleting the driver or software, it’s advisable to seek expert advice specific to your case. Sometimes, the problem is not with HWiNFO64.SYS, but with other apps that conflict with it. In such cases, you need to fix the other programs, and then you won’t have issues with HWiNFO64.SYS errors.

We recommend keeping HWiNFO64.SYS unless your specific situation leaves you with no other option than uninstalling the software driver. The truth is, whether the driver is present or absent, it won’t affect the general performance of your Windows computer. However, keeping it won’t cause you any harm.

How do I fix HWiNFO64.SYS Driver Not Working Issue?

If the HWiNFO64.SYS driver is not working, or it has been banned after installing Windows updates such as KB5028254 or security software, resolve the issue by removing any recently installed software and scanning your system files. If that doesn’t rectify the problem, we offer additional solutions to fix the issue and restore your computer’s normal performance. Here are some solutions to fix a malfunctioning HWiNFO64.SYS driver after an update or new installation:

  1. Turn off Memory Integrity temporarily. In some instances, Memory Integrity which is part of Windows Security settings can trigger the HWiNFO software to have issues. Turning it off, restarting your system, and then turning it on can let the HWiNFO64.SYS driver to repair itself and the problem will be resolved.
  2. Remove HWiNFO. Removing the HWiNFO64.SYS and its related files is one of the sure solutions you can perform. However, only do this if it is the only thing left to resolve the issue.
  3. Roll back the system update. If installing Windows OS triggers the error that causes the issues, then you can revert the update and see if the issue is resolved. You can activate the updates later when a newer version is released.
  4. Reinstall the HWiNFO64.SYS driver. The driver is not working because it’s probably outdated, corrupted, or has installation leftovers that trigger the error. To fix this, you need to download and install it; ensure you get the latest version of HWiNFO64.SYS driver.
  5. Uninstall the software. Another cause for HWiNFO64.SYS driver not working after a Windows update or software installation is a conflict between the app recently installed or updated. To resolve this, removing the app will definitely fix the issue. This happens mostly with security programs like antivirus software and anti-malware apps.

1. Turn off Memory Integrity temporarily

NOTE: Disabling Memory Integrity Secured-core computers can lead to serious consequences as the action leave the PC without Secure-core state functionality. The functionality that the driver supports might not work if you decide to proceed to use your device without addressing the issue.

  1. Press the Windows button + I to open Windows Settings app.
  2. Select Update & Security and then click Windows Security.
  3. Next, you may need to click Open Windows Security to proceed.
  4. Locate the Device security option and click on it.
  5. In the middle column, look for Core isolation details which is an option under the Core isolation section.
  6. Now, toggle the button under Memory Integrity off.
    Turn off Memory Integrity temporarily
    Turn off Memory Integrity temporarily
  7. Finally, restart your Windows PC to effect the changes you just made. See if the issue is resolved.

Once you have resolved the problem, use the same step and turn the feature on in the last step above.

2. Remove HWiNFO

2.1 Using Command Prompt

  1. Search Command Prompt in the Windows search box and select Run as administrator.
  2. Once the CMD window is open, type the following commands each at a time, and press Enter on your computer keyboard.
    sc stop hwinfo
    sc delete hwinfo

NOTE: Replace hwinfor with the exact name and version of the software. For example, in our case, we can use HWiNFO64 to execute the commands without an error.

2.2 Using Registry Editor

  1. Press the Windows button + R, type regedit, and press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Follow the key path below:
  3. Here, locate the HWiNFO64 key, right-click it, and select Delete.
  4. Finally, restart your computer to effect the changes. Check if HWiNFO64.SYS driver is now working after Windows update

3. Roll back the system update

  1. Open the Windows Settings app by pressing the Windows button + I.
  2. Locate and click Update & Security.
  3. On the left side, select Windows Update.
  4. Next, click on View update history.
  5. Now, click on Uninstall updates and follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.
    Roll back the system update
    Roll back the system update

4. Reinstall the HWiNFO64.SYS driver

  1. Delete the software as we did in solution number 2.
  2. Go to the file path and check if there are any remaining files and delete them. For example, the path can be something like this:
  3. Go to the Foss Hub HWiNFO download page, and get the latest version of the driver.
    HWiNFO64.SYS Driver Not Working After Windows 11 Update
    Reinstall the HWiNFO64.SYS driver
  4. Install the file by following the on-screen directions.
  5. Finally, restart your Windows PC to effect the change you already made.

5. Uninstall the software

  1. Search the Control Panel on the Windows Search box and click Open.
  2. Click on Programs and then go to Programs and Features.
    Uninstall the software
    Uninstall the software
  3. Locate the software app you recently installed and select Uninstall. For example, it might be security software causing the issue. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.
  4. Report the issue to the problematic program manufacturer for further assistance

Still need more help?

We hope that one of the solutions resolved the issue of HWiNFO64.SYS Driver Not Working After Windows Update or software installation. However, in some instances, the issue might be specific to your devices and we recommend contacting the Windows support team for personalized help. Alternatively, you can leave us a message in the comment section, and one of our expert troubleshooters will get in touch with you.

HWiNFO64.SYS Driver Not Working - FAQs

What makes the HWiNFO driver not work?

The HWiNFO might not work if there is new software that is interfering with how HWiNFO works. Also, there could be the installation leftover files from the previous app version that is causing the HWiNFO not to work. Another reason would be the Memory integrity preventing the app from initializing on your Windows PC.

Is HWiNFO safe to download?

Yes. It is safe to download HWiNFO on your Windows computer. It is a great tool that provides an environment for your system and hardware to communicate. HWiNFO offers detailed information about the performance of your hardware.


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