How to Use Viber on Windows 10

In June, the beta version of Viber was announced by Microsoft and on July 25th, the full version of the application got added to the Windows store. There are a lot of new features that have enhanced the Desktop application (more on that below) and the anticipation is finally over.

Viber has been available to smartphone users for quite a long time now and the release of a Windows 10 supported application has been met with thrill by the users. An aesthetically designed, highly user-friendly application, Viber can be used to send messages and/or make audio/video calls in high definition while using your internet connections.

Installing Viber

To install Viber, follow these steps:

Press the windows key to invoke the start menu.

Write Store and from the suggestions click on

In the search bar present at the top right of the Store window, type

From the search results, select Viber under Apps and Games.

Click on Install and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.

viber windows

Viber Features on Windows 10

As mentioned above, there are some exciting features that have been added to the newly released version. A complete list of things you could do with Viber:

Video calls

You can basically do a video call with anybody from your contacts (that also have Viber installed). With the app open, select the contact you want to call and press on the Camera icon to start the video call.

Cortana support

Viber now has cortana support. To call or text somebody, you can open Cortana and issue a voice command. You will find Cortana next to the Windows icon on your device.

Quick reply

Even when the application isn’t open, you will receive your messages. You can click on them and reply instantly without having to open the application itself!

Sharing on Viber

You can share text, links, photos, videos or even your location on Viber without any hassle from within the application.

Chats accessible from the start menu

You can reply to recent chats or start a new message right from the start menu. To do so, you will have to pin your chats or contacts to the start menu from within the application.

Organizing stickers

In the updated version, you can alter the order or completely hide the stickers via the sticker market settings. To do so, follow these steps:

Open the sticker market.

Click on the Settings

Press and hold the re-order button that’s depicted by two vertical lines containing three dots.

Drag to reorder.

To hide, you can simply click on the hide

Added language support

Language support for both Portuguese and Russian languages has been added.

Like messages

In group chats, you have the ability to like messages now! Just press on the heart icon before the message to do so.

Live Tile

The live tile on your Windows 10 device will show all the recently received messages!


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