How to Transfer Data from Old to New iPhone Without iCloud

Sometimes iCloud backup and restore simply won’t allow you to transfer all your old data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Sometimes you may have problems using iCloud or never turning on iCloud to transfer your old contacts, pictures, music, and apps from old to new iPhone, don’t worry there are several ways to do this, and we will walk through them step by step.

Method #1 – Use iTunes

You can use the next steps in this article section to make back up your old device in iTunes and to transfer the copy of back up data to your new device.

On Your Old Device

  1. Connect your old device to a computer (use USB cable).
  2. Open iTunes if it doesn’t launch automatically. Then, check if you have the latest version.
  3. Select your device. Once iTunes recognizes your iPhone select it.
  4. Then you have two options for backing up data:
    1. Automatically – If you choose automatically, you can select where to save your back up, on your iCloud or this computer (in this case when your iCloud doesn’t work you must select this computer option. If you want to save Health and Activity data select Encrypt iPhone backup).
    2. Manual – The second option is to manually backup data. To use this option simply click on the Back up now button.
      iTunes iPhone 7
      iTunes Connected to iPhone 7
  5. When the backup process is completed you can see your backup in iTunes Preferences. Devices. You can see your iPhone name or device name and the date and time when is created. If you encrypt your data, you can see lock icon next to your device name.
  6. Disconnect your old device.

On Your New Device

  1. Turn on your new device. Start by setting up your device.
  2. Follow set up process until you see Apps & Data then select Restore from iTunes Backup option and tap next.
  3. Connect your new device to the same computer.
  4. Open iTunes on your computer and find your new device.
  5. Select Restore Backup. Then select the backup from the old device. Make sure it is the correct one (check the name of the old device and the date and time and size of the backup).
    Restore from iTunes Backup
    Apps & Data – Restore from iTunes Backup
  6. If you have encrypted backup, enter the password.
  7. iTunes will continue the process starting with restoring your backup data to your new device. Then the device should restart and will be ready to use.

Method #2 – Use Software for Transferring Data

There are many transfer tools for iPhone. You must install the software on your computer and connect your device in order to make a backup. We will list a few (some of them only are working on Windows operating system).

  1. dr.fone  (Windows)

    dr.fone - Transfer
    dr.fone – Transfer
  2. Syncios iPhone Transfer Tool (Windows)
    Syncios Phone Transfer
    Syncios Phone Transfer
  3. CopyTrans iPhone Transfer Tool (Windows)
  4. AnyTrans(Windows)
  5. iExplorer iPhone Transfer Tool (Mac and Windows)

The Transferring Process

Basically, all tools for transferring data are working in the same way. The main difference is the speed of the transfer. Here are the steps

  1. First of all, as said before, you need to install them on your computer.
  2. The second step is to connect your device
  3. Make a backup and save to your computer
  4. Disconnect the old device
  5. Turn on the new device
  6. Go through the setup
  7. Connect to the computer
  8. Transfer the backup data to your new device.

With these two methods, you can back up and recover your data from old device and transfer on the new. But in my opinion, you should always try first with iTunes. iTunes is software made by Apple to control and make changes on your devices, it is faster, because the data goes over USB cable that connects your device and the computer and also it is free, the other software may not be free of charge.

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How to Transfer Data from Old to New iPhone Without iCloud

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