How to Split Screen on Windows 10

We seldom use one program at a time. We might be typing a letter while our email program is running in the background along with a couple of browser windows. Windows has always tried to make our multitasking experience as enjoyable as possible, and it is getting better with time.

Do you remember the old days when you can right-click the taskbar and choose to tile windows vertically or horizontally?

Windows 10 has brought this functionality to a whole new level. The snap windows feature is turned on by default. To ensure that it is turned ON, Go to Control Panel >Ease of Access Center > Make it easier to focus on tasks and make sure that Make it easier to manage windows is checked.

With the snap feature, you can drag any window to the left or right edge of the screen. As soon as your mouse pointer touches the screen edge, you will see a flash indicating that you are ready to snap the window. Release the mouse button and the window will nicely take the half of the screen.

split screen

Snap one more window to the empty half of the screen, and you will have your Windows 10 screen nicely split into two halves. You can even split the Windows 10 screen into four parts. Open any four windows, right-click the taskbar and select Show windows side by side.


Keyboard Shortcut to Split Screen in Windows 10

It is the keyboard shortcut that makes snapping windows really cool. Select a window and hold Windows Key  winkey+ Left Arrow. Your window will take the left half of the screen. Do the same with another window, right arrow this time, and you will have two windows neatly arranged side by side. Play with keyboard shortcuts, and you will grip it.

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How to Split Screen on Windows 10

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