How to Pick a Color Code from Any Image?

There are always images that contain different types of colors. Every color has a code that can be used to easily identify the color. Most users use these codes in image editors to keep the colors similar in different areas. Sometimes the user may want to pick a color from an image to use it in something else. However, it is not simple for the new users to find a color code from any image or object. In this article, we will show you some methods through which you can easily pick the color from any area of the image.

Pick a Color Code from Any Image
Pick a Color Code from Any Image

There are several different methods through which you can pick or find the color code from any image. We are going to show all the possible methods in this article.

Finding Color Code through Paint

The Microsoft Paint or Paint is a drawing program that comes by default in all Windows operating systems. It allows users to create basic graphic art and edit images on a computer. It contains a color picker tool, which we will be using to find the color on a picture.

  1. Search for the Snipping tool through the Windows search feature and open it.
    Opening Snipping Tool

    Note: If the image is already available, then simply skip this step.

  2. Now open the Windows Paint application by searching it through the Windows search feature.
    Opening Paint
  3. Click on the File menu in the menu bar and select the Open option. Now select the image in which you want to find/pick the color and click on the Open button.
    Opening Image in Paint
  4. Click on the Color Picker tool from the Tools as shown in the screenshot. Click on the color that you want to pick.
    Picking color of a pixel in Image
  5. Click on the Edit Colors icon in the top bar and you will get the RGB value for the selected color.

Finding Color Code through third-party Software

There are several color-picking applications that users can use to find the colors. The program we are going to use in this method will even help in finding colors for icons, text, and anything on the desktop. We are using the Instant Eyedropper in this method; however, you can use any other application if you want to.

  1. Open your browser and go to the site where you can download the Instant Eyedropper.
    Downloading Instant Eyedropper
  2. Install the application by following the installation process. After that, open the application.
  3. The icon for Instant Eyedropper will show up in the system tray. Now click on it and then move the mouse over to any of the colors that you want to find the color.
    Using Instant Eyedropper to pick a color
  4. It will show the HEX color code for the colors. You can also change that by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray and choosing any different value.
    Changing the color code value type

Finding Color Code through Online Site

Nowadays, most of the tools can be found on online sites. Each site will have different options and features for pick color tools. We are demonstrating the one that we successfully used for picking colors from images. Make sure you have the picture already before following the below steps:

  1. Open your browser by double-clicking the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature.
  2. Now open the ImageColorPicker site in the browser. It will automatically provide a random picture that you can use too.
  3. Click on the Use Your Image button and then choose the image in which you want to find color.
    Opening Image in the site
  4. Now move the mouse to the area in the image for which you want to pick a color. Click on it and you will get RGB and HEX values on the right side.
    Clicking on the image to pick the color
  5. It also provides the Palette of colors that are present in the image.

Finding Color Code through Browser’s Inspect

Another method is by using the Inspect feature of most browsers. It shows the code for the page that the user is inspecting. If the image is available online, the user can simply inspect it and find the color in it. However, the user can also open any image from the local files in the browser and use the Inspect tool. Check the below steps and see how Inspect works for finding colors:

  1. Open your browser through the Windows search feature or by any shortcut.
  2. Now simply drag and drop the image in the browser to open it.
    Note: You can also right-click on the image and choose the Open with option. Then choose the browser of your choice.
  3. Right-click on the image and choose the Inspect option in the context menu.
    Inspecting image in browser
  4. It will open a code area on the right side of your browser. Now click on the Elements tab and then select the Style tab at the bottom.
  5. Find the Color Picker icon and click on it. Now click anywhere on the Image to change the color in the Color Picker. It will also show the code of the color.
    Finding code through Color Picker
  6. You can change the format from HEX to RGB by holding the Shift key and clicking on the Color Picker icon.

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