How to Make A Group of Contacts on Gmail

People often use Gmail to keep in touch with their clients and their workforce. Sometimes when you have to send emails to the same people again and again, you get tired of typing their email ID’s again and again. Here is a solution for that. You don’t have to write their email ID’s every time you have to email the same group of people. You can now use your Gmail to make groups of these same people, and not one group, you can make more than one groups to keep the contacts arranged easier to access all at one time.

This will help you save so much of your precious time. Now all you have to do is to write the name of the group to send them an email instead of writing the email addresses for everyone on the list. Follow the steps below to create a group of contacts on your Gmail.

You need to open your Google Contacts first. How to open contacts on google? Well, when you signing to Gmail, on the right corner of your Gmail home page, you will find a grid like icon. Click on that and you will see another icon of ‘contacts’. That is what we are looking for to make a group of your Google contacts. Click on ‘Contacts’ now.

Grid Icon
Locating the Contacts on Gmail
Click on Contacts to view your Gmail Contacts

This is how your window will look like when you click on ‘Contacts’.

Redirected to Google Contacts

On the left side, you can see a list ot ‘My Contacts’,  ‘Starred’, ‘Most Contacted’, ‘Other Contacts’ and other options like ‘New Group’. ‘Import Contacts’ and ‘Try Contacts Preview’.

Clicking on the options on the left will show you your current contacts.

There are two ways in which you can create a group of your contact on Gmail.

Clicking on New Group on the Left

The first way of making a group of your contacts on Gmail is to click on the option on your left where it says ‘New Group…’

Creating an empty New Group First

Clicking on this will lead you to a window which will ask you to name your group that you want to create. As an example, I am going to make a new group for all my work related contacts. And for that, I am going to name the group as ‘Work’.

Name your group here
Select a name which will be easier to recognize the type of contacts in the list. Like professionally linked contacts or family.

Click OK after typing the name of the group. You will notice on your left that another name has been added to the list under ‘My Contacts’.

Find the new empty group created on your left

Now since you only created a group, the group would be empty. If you want to add contacts to this group, this is what you need to do. Now the contacts showing in front of you, check all the ones which you want to be copied to the group ‘Work’.

selecting all your relevant contacts on Gmail to your new group

After you have selected the contacts, click this group icon.

Next step, select the folder you want them to be copied to.

And click the group you want these contacts to be a part of.

I selected work.

Clicking on Apply, now, would copy the selected contacts to your new group, which in this case is ‘Work’. To  be sure about whether your contacts have been moved or not, you can recheck by seeing whether a number in brackets has appeared in front of your new group i.e. ‘Work’ , in this case, or not.

The tab for ‘Work’ on the left now shows a number of contacts in it.

My group for work has 5 contacts now.  You can add as many as you can and that are relevant to the group.

Second Way of Creating a Contact Group

Just how we selected our contacts after creating a group, so that they could be copied to a ‘Work’ group, you now need to select your contacts first in this method before you create a group.

Once you have selected all your contacts, click the ‘Groups’ icon at top and then click ‘Create new’.

A different approach. You Select your contacts first and then create the group

This dialogue box will appear again where you have to write the new groups name.

Type in the name for the new group

Pressing OK after typing a name for your new group, will create the group which will be visible on the left of the screen. Work Again is the group I created.

And your new group for Gmail has been created

You can use any of the two methods to create a group of contacts on Gmail.


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