How to Fix An Error Occurred in Spotify Web Player?

Spotify provides one of the best media-streaming services. It has both the features, a Web Player and a desktop app to be installed on your machine. The Web Player is one of the most visited sites as it provides you with quality music and entertainment. However, certain issues can occur to you while trying to use the Spotify Web Player. One of these issues is the ‘An Error Occurred’ error followed by ‘Something went wrong. Try reloading the page.’ message. This message can be seen when you try to access the Web Player.

An Error Occurred

There are a few causes of the error message and it can vary depending on your scenario. For some, it can be due to the web browser they are using, while for others it can be due to the browser cache or cookies. Nonetheless, the error is there and you need a solution to deal with it. In this article, we will be mentioning the causes of the error message and then listing some solutions that have worked for other users.

What causes the ‘An Error Occurred’ Message in Spotify Web Player?

As the error message comes up when you visit the Spotify Web Player, this can be due to different reasons. For this purpose, you will have to, first, make sure whether the Web Player is working on other devices on your network or not. If they are and the issue is limited to your device only, then that is good news and the issue can be due to the causes mentioned below. If not, you will have to contact your Internet Service Provider.

  • Web Browser Cache or Cookies: Your browser cache or the cookies stored by the Spotify website on your system can be, sometimes, the cause of the issue which is stopping you from accessing the site. In such a case, you will have to simply your cookies and cache.
  • Out-dated Browser: If you are using an obsolete version of your web browser, chances are that many websites will not work for you. An outdated browser means you are lacking the requirements needed to stream video or audio.
  • Unsupported Browser: Another cause of the error message is using an unsupported web browser. There are a few browsers that Spotify does not support. Hence, you will not be able to stream Spotify content if you are using one of those browser e.g Safari.

Now that the causes of the issue have been mentioned, let us get into the solutions that will help you resolve your issue.

Solution 1: Make sure you are using a Supported Browser

The first thing you need to do, if you are not using Firefox or Google Chrome, when you get the error message is to make sure that you are using a browser that is supported by Spotify. If you are a Mac user and using the default Safari web browser, then there’s some bad news for you. The Safari web browser no longer is supported by Spotify and you will need to download Firefox or Google Chrome to access the Web Player or you can just simply download the desktop version of Spotify.

Here’s a list of web browsers that are supported by Spotify.

Solution 2: Update your Browser

If you are using an obsolete version of your web browser, many sites will not work for you especially media streaming ones like Spotify. This is (among other reasons) because the outdated version of your web browser does not have the capability to support all the content that is displayed on a website. Therefore, make sure you have the latest version of the web browser that you are using. Here’s how to update Firefox and Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open up Mozilla Firefox. Click on the menu button in the top right corner and select Options.
  2. Scroll down to the Firefox Updates section.
  3. There, click on Check for updates.
    Checking for Firefox Updates
  4. Install the updates and then try using the web player.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the More button in the top right corner.
  2. If an update is available, the more button will appear colored and you will see ‘Update Google Chrome’ in the list.
    Updating Google Chrome
  3. Click on it and wait for it to complete.

Solution 3: Clear Browser Cache and Cookie

Finally, the last thing that you can do to resolve the issue is clear the browser cache and cookies. A cache is the temporary files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites to load them faster. Cookies are stored by the websites you visit on your computer that includes useful information about your session on the website. Here’s how to clear browser cache and cookies:

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox, click on the Menu button and then select Options.
  2. Switch to the Privacy & Security section on the left-hand side.
  3. Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data.
  4. Click Clear Data and then hit Clear.
    Clearing Cache and Cookie

Google Chrome:

  1. Open up Google Chrome. Click on the More button, go to More Tools and then select Clear Browsing data.
  2. Now, choose a time range at the top. To be on the safe side, select All Time.
  3. Click Clear data.
    Clearing Cache and Cookies
  4. Try using the Web Player again.

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