How to Block Unwanted Emails in Yahoo! Mail

Anyone who has an email account has received at least one (likely to be in the thousands in actuality) email that they would have rather not seen. This holds true regardless of what email service you use – it’s a constant on all the email service providers out there. Thankfully, email services dedicate a lot of resources to coming up with ways to improve quality of life for their users. To help their users combat unwanted emails, Yahoo! Mail has created and incorporated an address blocking feature. Yahoo! Mail’s address blocking feature can be used to block every single email sent to a user’s account from a specific email address – any email sent to a user’s account from an address they have blocked is automatically deleted before it even crosses the threshold into their inbox. Yahoo! Mail users can block any and all incoming emails from up to 500 different email addresses.

Blocking Addresses is Not a Solution to Spam

The most common purpose address blocking features on email service providers are used is to get rid of spam. Unfortunately, blocking the email addresses you receive spam from won’t even help you scratch the surface of getting rid of spam. Spam and junk email senders use the pitch and ditch principle – they almost never use the same email address or domain twice. Since they’ll be using new addresses to send you junk email and spam every single time, there’s really no point in blocking the email addresses you receive spam from. However, Yahoo! Mail’s address blocking feature is nothing short of a godsend when it comes to emails from individuals that you would rather not see in your inbox.

Blocking Emails from Specific Senders on Yahoo! Mail Mobile Apps

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail Mobile and other Yahoo! Mail apps aren’t equipped with the ability to block any and all emails from specific senders. If you use Yahoo! Mail and would like to block emails from a specific email address, you are going to have to log on to the desktop version of Yahoo! Mail via an internet browser of your choosing on a computer. You can block emails from specific senders on both Yahoo! Mail Basic and the standard desktop Yahoo! Mail.

Blocking Emails from Specific Senders in Yahoo! Mail

If you’re using the standard Yahoo! Mail:

  1. Hover over the Help icon (represented by a gear and located in the top-right corner of your screen) or click on it.
  2. Click on Settings in the resulting context menu.
  3. In the left pane, click on Blocked Addresses.
  4. Type the email address you no longer want to see any emails from in the Add an address field.
  5. Click on Block.
  6. Click on Save.

If you’re using Yahoo! Mail Basic:

  1. Ensure that you have selected the Options option in the Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar dropdown menu that is located next to the name of your account and is found at the top of your screen.
  2. Click on Go.
  3. Under the Advanced Options section, open the Blocked Addresses category.
  4. In the Add an address field, type in the email address you want to add to your email account’s list of blocked email addresses.
  5. Click on +.

The exact set of steps you need to go through in order to populate your list of blocked addresses on Yahoo! Mail varies slightly depending on whether you’re using the standard desktop Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Basic, but the end result of both sets of steps is the same.


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