How to Add Channels to Your Hulu Account

You have a Hulu account, yet little did you know that you can actually add so many channels to your Hulu account through the premium add ons. Obviously, it is not free of cost. Each channel has a price that you will have to pay, but if you are a Hulu person, then you just have to admit that it is all worth it. These are most commonly known as the premium add ons which any account on Hulu (not profiles) can add to their Hulu TV. Any channel, like HBO, can be added to your Hulu account through the steps as mentioned below. All the Game of Throne fans, who have a Hulu subscription, must learn how to do this right.

Here is how you can add a channel on your Hulu account:

  1. Sign in to your Hulu account. (Like of course, you cannot commence without signing in!)
    This is how your screen is supposed to look like when you sign in to your Hulu account from a computer, laptop or a TV
  2. On the right top corner of the screen, you will notice the tab for your name or the accounts name with which you are signed in to. In my case, I can see the initials K for my account. I will click on it and see the options as shown in the image below.
    The drop-down list will show you these options to choose from to add on a channel to your Hulu TV account
  3. Since you have to add a channel to your current subscription plan on Hulu, it is a setting that will be present in the settings that appear after you click on the ‘Account’ tab.  It is the third option from the last as shown in the previous image.
  4. Now from the screen that appears in front of you, scroll down, till you find the heading for add on which will be on the left side of the screen.
    Scroll down this screen and keep your eyes towards the left side of the options as that is where you will find the heading for add ons
  5.  Now that you have found the title for Add ons, you will notice a blue clickable tab in front of this heading, which says Manage. Look at the image below to understand this better.
    to Add on a channel to your Hulu account, you need to click on this Manage tab. This will lead you to another screen where you can manage all your channels and related settings.
  6. Hulu will direct you to a page full of options of various channels that are available on Hulu and can be added by you to your Hulu account. It will show you the monthly rent of each channel which will make it accessible for you every time you use Hulu. You can even try the channels for a week without any cost to see how you like it. After analyzing the costs and the supported devices required for that channel, you can click on the plus tab on the left side of the channels name to add it to your Hulu account and review changes to finally get through the process as guided by Hulu. The final step for you would be to accept the changes that you just made to your Hulu account, including the additional payments (monthly rent) of the new channel that you would be needed to pay.
    Find your favorite channels, like HBO here, and enjoy watching your favorite shows online on Hulu

Habiba Rehman

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