How Many Devices can you Stream Hulu on Simultaneously

Hulu is one of the most popularly used online streaming forum for movies and tv shows. It caters to all its customers in different ways. Using Hulu means being able to watch anything at any time of the day on any device that you are using. But, because there are different subscriptions packages, so are the number of screens in each subscription package.

How Many Simultaneous Screens are Allowed by Hulu

Hulu subscribers for the on-demand account can use their Hulu account on different gadgets, but, the very basic package of Hulu subscription only allows the user to watch a movie/series from one specific gadget which is, allowing them only one simultaneous screen access. This means that, say, for example, you are online from the laptop and your wife is signed in from her laptop on the Hulu website. You both cannot watch Hulu at the same time. They might be logged in on all the devices, but Hulu will only allow one simultaneous screen when using it at the same time. (I suggest why don’t you both watch it together on one big screen?)

While the Live Tv Hulu Subscribers can have two screens being used simultaneously at the same time, from the same account but obviously different devices.

Does This Mean You Cannot Have More than One Simultaneous Screens Access on Hulu

This does not mean that you cannot use Hulu on more than one screens at one time. You can. In fact, you will have to pay a certain amount to Hulu which will give you access to more simultaneous screens at one time. This amount is approximately $15, which might not be too much for people who have a big family and need the number of screens to cater to every family members choices of shows and movies on Hulu. Apparently, this upgrade that you paid $15 for, allows an ‘unlimited’ simultaneous screens. But we all know how the word ‘unlimited’ used here does not exactly mean unlimited, but there are certain limitations that must be followed by the Hulu subscriber.

  1. You can use unlimited numbers of the screen simultaneously on your Hulu account, but, this is only allowed for the devices at your home. The devices outside your home are not, or will not be counted in the ‘unlimited’ allowance. This might be sad news for those friends who often use your Hulu account.
  2. You have upgraded your package for Hulu, you get unlimited screens, for TV’s and laptops maybe, in addition to this, you can access your Hulu account from three mobile phones screens when you are not home.

Alternatives to Upgrading Your Plan

  1. Sit and Watch together (as suggested by me)
  2. Or, for Hulu Live Tv specifically, you can use the channel app for any of the channels that are on your subscription package, can be used to sign in from a different device, and you can enjoy watching that channel while someone else is using Hulu from their device. Doing so, will not count this screen part of the two limited screens as provided for Hulu with Live TV.

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