SOLVED: Google Play Error DF-DLA-15

Google Play Error df-dla-15 is a pain to deal with. This error can often be caused by a number of issues and the symptoms essentially stop you from using the Google Play Store. In some cases, normal functionality of the Google Play store is possible but updating or installing new apps will cause the error to appear.

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Below, we have listed three methods that have been confirmed to work for other users. We’d suggest trying method 1 first and if you’re still having issues with Error df-dla-15, move to method 2, and then method 3. Let us know in the comments if you have any luck!

Method 1: Clear Cache

The easiest method and perhaps the option with the most success rate for fixing df-dla-15 involves clearing your Google Play cache. Here’s how to do it.

Open the Google Play Store

Press your home button to return to your launcher

Go into your device settings

Locate and open ‘applications’ or ‘apps

Scroll down and search for Google Play Store and tap it to open

Next, press force stop

Then, press clear cache

Press clear data

Error df-dla-15 should now hopefully be fixed

The above is based on a Samsung device. To clear your cache on a different device, you may need to follow different steps. For example, on an LG G4, in the settings menu, tap storage, then cached data, then OK to the prompt. You can search ‘how to clear cache’ for your own device on Google to learn how to clear it properly


Method 2: Add Payment Option

One fix for the Google Play error involves adding a payment option to your Google Play account. Sometimes apps are prevented from updating due to an error with verifying a payment option, so to add an option, follow the steps below. Please note that you do not need to make any payments to try this fix.

Open the Play Store

Touch the menu icon to the left of the search bar

Tap ‘Account

Tap ‘payment methods (add a new payment method)

Press the green ‘+’ payment button

Go through the process to add a new payment

If you already have a payment option, you can delete it by tapping ‘more payment options,’ signing into Google and then tapping the payment method you’d like to remove. After, you can come back to add a new payment method again.


Method 3: Remove Accounts

Error df-dla-15 could be caused because you have multiple accounts connected to Google Play, or an account with a potential issue. If you are still having problems after following the steps above, follow the steps below to remove all accounts and add a brand new one.

Go to settings in your app drawer

Look for ‘Accounts’ or ‘Accounts & Sync’ or something similar and open it

You should have a page similar to the one shown below


Next, tap Google and follow these steps for each account on this page.

Tap the account to open it

Tap the menu icon

Tap ‘remove account’

Repeat steps for other accounts

Enter your pin


Now that you have removed your accounts, the option to add an account will be available at the bottom of the screen. Tap this, then tap Google, and go through the sign-in process. We would advise creating a new account.

Hopefully, following these methods has helped to solve Google Play Error df-dla-15. Below, the sources for these methods have been provided.

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