How to Update Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is one of the core Android applications and is pre-installed nearly on all Android phones. It is the central hub between Google Play Store and all apps on your phone. It is responsible for different features like keeping track of apps installed through Google Play Store and auto-updating them etc. It usually operates in the background without bothering the user. It auto-updates itself normally although there can be cases when a user may have to update this app manually. You can check Changelogs of Google Play Services on the Official Android Developer page. Google Play Services cannot be uninstalled, force stop, or disabled.

Notification to Update Google Play Services

But updating these services is a bit different than updating a regular android app as you cannot find it in the Google Play Store. Instructions can slightly be different depending upon your device manufacturer and Android version.

Method 1: Use App Details in the App Settings

In the latest versions of Android, Google has added a new option of App Details for apps. This option can be used to open the Google Play Services page in Google Play Store and thus can be used to manually update Google Play Services.

  1. Open Settings of your phone and then tap on Apps and Notifications.
  2. Now tap on See All Apps and then select Google Play Services.
    Tap On Google Play Services
  3. Now Scroll down and tap on App Details.
    Tap on App Details of Google Play Services
  4. If there is an update available, then install one by tapping on the Update button.

Method 2: Use Help Menu in the Google Settings of the Phone

The main issue with Google Play Services is that these services cannot be accessed directly using Play Store. However, as a workaround, we can access them in Google Play Store by using the Help menu of Google Settings of your phone and then manually update the module.

  1. Open Settings of Your Phone.
  2. Now tap on More Settings and then under Others, tap on Google.
    Tap on Google in More Settings
  3. Then tap on the question mark (?) just beside three vertical dots near the top right corner.
    Tap on the Question Mark in Google Account Settings
  4. Now, tap on 3 vertical dots near the top right corner and then tap on View in Google Play Store.
    View in Google Play Store
  5. Now if there is an update available, then install it, otherwise, it will only show the Deactivate button.
    Tap on the Update Button

Method 3: Uninstalling Previous Updates for Google Play Services

If the last update of Google Play Services was corrupt, then it can stop further automatic updating of the module. In this case, uninstalling the previous updates of Google Play Services and then you can manually update the services.

  1. Open Settings of your phone and tap on Apps/Application Manager.
  2. Then tap on Google Play Services and select the More button.
    Tap on More in Google Play Services Settings
  3. Then tap on Uninstall Updates.
  4. Now open Storage and then tap on the Clear Cache button.
    Clear Cache of Google Play Services
  5. Tap on the Manage Space button and then in the next window, tap on Clear All Data.
    Clear All Data of Google Play Services
  6. Now restart your phone. Upon restart, launch the Chrome browser and search for “Google Play Services”.
    Search for Google Play Services in Chrome
  7. When search results are shown, tap on 3 vertical dots near the top right corner of the window and then tap on the Checkbox of Desktop Site.
    Tap on Desktop Site
  8. Now tap on the search result shown from the Google Play i.e. (usually the first result). Then a Google Play Services page in Google Play Store will appear, having options to update or deactivate. If asked, enter your Google account credentials to proceed. If there is any update available, then tap on Update.
    Open Google Play ServicesURL in Chrome

Method 4: Use an Android App to Update Google Play Services

There are different 3rd party android apps available on the Play Store that let a user to manually update Google Play Services. You can install any one of these apps to manually update your version of the module.

  1. Open the Play Store and tap on the search bar and type Update Google Play Services.
    Search for Update Google Play Services in Google Play Store
  2. Then in the search results, find and install an application that you trust.
    Warning: Proceed at your own risk as the app may harm your device and data.
  3. Now follow the instructions provided by the app to update Google Play Services.

Method 5: Use the Beta Tester Tab of Google Play Store

If you are a Beta tester for the Google Play Services, then you can use the Beta tab in your Play Store to manually download the updates for the module.

  1. Open the Google Play Store and tap on its Menu.
  2. Then tap on My Apps & Games.
    Clicking on the My Apps & Games option
  3. Now navigate to the Beta tab and then tap on the Google Play Services.
    Open Google Play Services in The Beta Tab of Google Play Services
  4. Now tap on the Update button to update Google Play Services.

If you want to join the Beta tester program for Google Play Services, you can click on Join when Google Play Services page shows in Google Play Store (as discussed in method 2).

Join the Beta Program of Google Play Service

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