Fix: ‘We’re processing this video’ Stuck Issue on Google Drive

Many users have reported encountering the Google Drive video is still processing error when they attempt to play or download a video they uploaded to Google Drive. According to these users, they continue to receive the message We’re processing this video. Please check back later even after waiting for an extended period. This issue is particularly frustrating as it leaves users in limbo, unable to access their uploaded video content.

fix Google drive video is still processing
We’re processing this video. Please check back later

Confusion abounds as users wonder, How long does it take for a video to process on Google Drive? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer as video processing times on Google Drive generally depend on three factors: internet speed, video size, and the device being used. Google Drive processes videos to ensure successful playback without issues.

Fortunately, several users have managed to resolve this problem by switching to a stable internet connection or increasing their internet speed, or by reducing the video file size before uploading it to Google Drive. In this article, we have compiled a list of solutions that have successfully helped many users to overcome this setback.

Before delving into potential solutions, let’s explore the common causes behind this error:

Various factors can prevent users from playing their uploaded videos. Here are some of the common culprits:

  1. A poor and unstable internet connection is often to blame.
  2. The video file you uploaded may be excessively large.
  3. An outdated version of your browser could be causing the issue.
  4. Corrupted or damaged browser cache is another possible reason.
  5. The video may have been incompletely or incorrectly uploaded to Google Drive.

Now that you are aware of the potential reasons for the error, let’s explore some of the common fixes other users have tried to resolve the issue successfully:

1. Verify the Internet Connection

  1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings, and navigate to the Network & Internet option.
  2. Check your network status; you can also click on the Network Troubleshooter to fix any network-related issues.
Video still Processing Error
Click on the Network Troubleshooter

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, consider switching to an ethernet connection for greater stability and speed.

For smartphone users attempting to play a video uploaded on Google Drive, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet. If connected via Wi-Fi, switch your phone to airplane mode, wait a few minutes, and then re-establish the connection.

After restarting your phone and reconnecting to the internet, check if you can play the video or if you are still encountering the “we’re processing this video…” message.

Try streaming services like YouTube to test if the internet connection is working properly. If you experience issues with the internet connection, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for assistance. Meanwhile, you might want to switch to a different internet connection. If the issue doesn’t lie with your internet connection, consider the following potential solutions.

2. Sign Out & Sign In to Your Google Account

The issue could be related to expired or invalid authentication tokens. Signing out of and then back into your Google Account can refresh these tokens and possibly resolve temporary session issues.

To do this, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Accounts’, choose your account, and select ‘Remove your Google Account.’ After a moment, sign back in to see if the video plays correctly on Google Drive.

3. Update Your Browser

Your browser could be the root of the problem. If your browser is outdated, be sure to update it to the latest version.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser, click on the menu icon in the top right corner, navigate to Help, and select the About Google Chrome option.
  2. The browser will automatically start checking for updated versions, and if an update is available, it will begin downloading automatically.
    Google drive video is still processing
    Chrome checks for the latest updates
  3. Once Chrome is updated, click on Relaunch, and the browser will restart with the latest version.
    Google drive video is still processing
    Relaunch Chrome Browser
  4. Log in to Google Drive again and hope that the video not responding on Google Drive problem has been resolved.

4. Clear Cache & Browsing Data

Corrupted stored data or cache in your browser could also slow down web page performance or cause issues. Clearing the browser cache and data has helped many users resolve the Google Drive Processing Video Error.

Please Note: Clearing your browser cookies may log you out of many websites. You may need to log in again with your account details to access them.

Note: If you are using a different browser, refer to our detailed guide on how to clear cache on any Windows browser.

  1. Open Chrome, click on the menu icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select More tools, then choose Clear browsing data.
    Opening the clear browsing data option
  3. In the Basic tab, select All time as the time range, and check the boxes next to Cookies, other site data, and Cached Images and files.
    Clearing Cache and Cookies
  4. Finally, click on Clear Data.

Restart Chrome and check if the issue has been resolved.

5. Download Processing Video through Link Sharing

If your video is still processing in Google Drive, here’s an alternate method to download the uploaded video by sharing a link in Google Drive.

  1. Open Google Drive and log in with the account details used to upload the video, then select the processing video.
  2. Right-click on the file and choose Share, or click on the share icon, then select Get Shareable Link.
    Video still Processing Error
    Click on Get shareable link
  3. Open the sharing link in a new tab, click on the three-dot icon on the processing video, and select “Download all.”

The video will start downloading, allowing you to play it without experiencing the “processing video” error on Google Drive.

6. Try Re-Uploading Your Video

There’s a chance your video is either corrupted or was incompletely uploaded to Google Drive, leading to problems with processing or responsiveness.

In such cases, try uploading the video again directly to Google Drive and make sure it is successfully uploaded.

Alternatively, consider uploading the video to other platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.


Muhammad Zubyan

Muhammad Zubyan is a certified Google IT Support Professional with over 7 years of extensive experience. He has worked on more than 1500 computers, gaining valuable insights that enable him to detect and troubleshoot any complicated root cause of Windows-related issues and errors. In addition to managing Appuals as a Senior Editor, he is currently developing his own Game Optimization program that caters to both gamers and casual users alike.