Fix: Discord Mic Not Working

There’s a microphone glitch going around in Discord where the user can hear the other members of the channel but they aren’t picking up on his microphone audio. The issue seems tied up with the desktop version of Discord, as a lot of users reported that their mics are working fine while using the web app.

Increasingly more gamers are ditching Skype and start using Discord as their primary communication tool for their gaming needs. For the most part, the apps work flawlessly with minimal issues. The development team behind Discord is usually quick in fixing reported bugs, but this one seems to have eluded them for several months. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “works-for-all” fix that will make your Discord app magically pick up your microphone again. It seems like the issue can originate from different places, so you might be required to try a bunch of fixes before you discover a solution that works in your situation.

To save you from having to search the whole internet for all the effective fixes for the Discord mic glitch, we have decided to produce a curated list with only the fixes that have helped users resume communications with their teams.

Note: Before you start troubleshooting your Discord mic issue with the guides below, make sure that your headset is not acting up. If you have a spare headset, connect that to your PC and see if that is working normally under Discord. Additionally, you can follow this guide windows 10 microphone not working to troubleshoot common microphone problems on Windows 10.

If you are encountering the same issue in Discord with a different headset, start following the methods below. One of the solutions below is bound to work in restoring your microphone audio. Please follow the methods in order until you encounter a fix that works for your situation. But before moving on with the solutions, try to restart your system and Discord. Also, try to disable Discord overlay (consider keeping it turned off for the rest of the troubleshooting process).

Method 1: Logging out of Discord

If you’re looking for a quick fix that will allow your friends to hear you, logging out and in again will usually do the trick. But keep in mind that this fix is only temporary. If you’re looking for a solution that will last, keep following the methods below.

  1. To log out of the desktop version of Discord, click the User Settings icon in the bottom-left corner.
    Open User Settings
  2. Now Confirm to Log Out.
    Log Out
  3. Then, scroll down, click Log Out, then click the Log Out button again to confirm. Keep in mind that you might have to repeat the procedure a few times until it registers.
  4. After you’ve successfully logged out, reinsert your credentials to log back in and see if your friends can hear you. If you’re still experiencing the same issue, move to Method 2.

Method 2: Running Discord as Administrator

Since Discord used UDP to send data to your buddies, your Discord app might not have the appropriate privileges to transmit your voice across the internet. To make sure that’s not the case, try running Discord with administrator privileges. This solution is one of the first things recommended by Discord’s customer support.

  1. To run Discord as an administrator, simply right-click on the desktop icon and click on Run as Administrator.
Run Discord as Administrator

Method 3: Tweaking the Automatic Input Sensitivity settings

Another common scenario that will prevent your mic from functioning properly is when Automatic Input Sensitivity is disabled by the user in Discord’s settings. If you tweaked your voice settings before, chances are you unticked the box next to Automatically determine input sensitivity.

When you disable that option, the manual sensitivity bar tends to send the slider to the left. This will cause your Discord app to stop picking sounds from your microphone. However, this automated input sensitivity is known to be buggy, so you’re on automatic and the indicator bar is not lighting up when you talk, it’s worth a try to go manual. Here’s a quick guide through the whole thing:

  1. Click the User Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the Discord windows.
    Open User Settings
  2. Then, click on Voice & Video (under App Settings).
    Open Voice & Video Settings
  3. Scroll down to Input Sensitivity and enable the toggle next to Automatically determine input sensitivity, if it’s not already enabled. Then, talk into your headset and see if the bar below lights up in solid green. If it glowing green when you talk, move on to the next step.
    Enable “Automatically determine input sensitivity”
  4. Disable the toggle, and make sure the manual slider is positioned somewhere in the middle. If the manual bar is pulsating when you talk, you should be good to go.
    Disable “Automatically determine input sensitivity”

Method 4: Selecting your headset microphone under Input Device

If a voice reset hasn’t produced any results, let’s see if Discord is using the proper microphone in the first place. Discord has the habit of making weird choices the Input Device is left as Default. This problem typically happens with gaming laptops or computers that already have a built-in microphone.

If you don’t specify which microphone should be used by Discord, chances are the app will use the internal one even if your headset is connected. Often, the built-in microphone will not have the required drivers to function with a VoIP service like Discord.

Here’s a quick guide to making sure Discord is using the correct microphone:

  1. Click the User Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the Discord windows.
    Open User Settings
  2. Then, click on Voice & Video (under App Settings).
    Open Voice & Video Settings
  3. Use the drop-down menu under Input Device to select the microphone from your headset.
    Select Your Microphone

    Note: If you are unsure of which microphone to select as the input device, make sure your headset is connected to your PC. Next, right-click on the audio icon (bottom-right corner) and click on Recording devices. Then, simply talk into your headset mic and see which level icon lights up. You can then find the name of your headset microphone in the left vicinity of the level icon.

    Find Your Microphone to be Used
  4. Finally, make sure that the Input Volume slider for your microphone is maxed out.
    Change Input Volume slider to Maximum

Method 5: Disabling Exclusive Mode in Windows

In Windows, some applications are configured to take exclusive control over the audio device driver. Allowing them to do so can cause problems with Discord. With some headsets, the microphone in Discord will quiet down entirely if some settings related to Exclusive Mode are enabled. Here’s a quick guide on how to disable them:

  1. Right-click on the sound/volume icon in the bottom-right corner and select Recording Devices.

    Open Recording Devices
  2. Select the microphone from your headset and click on Properties.

    Open Properties of Recording Devices
  3. Select the Advanced tab and deselect the checkboxes under Exclusive Mode. Don’t forget to hit Apply to confirm.
    Uncheck Exclusive Mode
  4. Reboot your system and see if your mic is working in Discord.

Method 6: Resetting Voice Settings

The following fix seems to have the highest percentage of success. If you encounter this issue exclusively on the Discord desktop app, this will most likely resume the normal functionality of Discord. The following steps will also help if the glitch has appeared after you have replaced your old headset with a new one. Here’s how to reset the Voice Settings in Discord:

  1. Click the User Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the Discord windows.
    Open User Settings
  2. Then, click on Voice & Video (under App Settings).
    Open Voice & Video Settings
  3. Scroll down till the end and click on Reset Voice Settings.

    Reset Voice Settings
  4. Then hit Okay to confirm your selection and wait for Discord to reinitialize.
    Confirm to Reset Voice Settings
  5. Reconnect your headset and see if the glitch has been removed.

Method 7: Changing the Input Mode to Push to Talk

If all the methods above have failed you, let’s try changing the Input mode from Voice Activity to Push to talk. Some users have reported that after changing the Input mode, their microphone started working again. However, this mode will require you to press a button whenever you want to say something to your buddies.

It’s a minor inconvenience, but it might allow you to resume communications with your team. Here’s a quick guide discord push to talk on enabling and using Push to Talk in discord.

Method 8: Change Privacy Settings

After an update by Microsoft, all applications were revoked access of Microphone and other hardware components automatically. This is true for third-party applications only which includes Discord as well. This was due to the change in the permissions policy granted to these applications. If you have a disabled microphone in the Windows Privacy Settings due to this update, then it can cause the mic not to work in Discord. In that case, enabling the mic access for Discord may solve the problem.

  1. Press Windows key, type Privacy Settings and in the results, click on Privacy Settings.
    Open Privacy Settings
  2. Now in the left pane of windows, scroll down and click on Microphone.
  3. In the right pane of the window, toggle the switch of “Apps to access your microphone“ to On.
  4. Now in the right pane scroll down and check if Microphone permission for Discord is enabled. If Discord is not there, then look for Win32WebViewHost.
    Allow Apps to access your Mic
  5. Now restart your system and check if you can use the mic in Discord.

Method 9: Disable QoS on Discord

In some cases, the QoS setting on Discord might be interfering with some important system functions due to which this error might be triggered. Therefore, in this step, we will be disabling it completely. For that:

  1. Launch Discord and click on the “User Settings” option.
  2. In User settings, click on the “Voice and Video” option in the left tab.
  3. Here, uncheck the “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” toggle to turn it off.
    Disabling the QoS setting
  4. Check to see if the issue persists.

Method 10: Disabling Advanced Voice Activity

It’s also possible that the option named “Advanced Voice Activity” feature is enabled on your discord. This can cause the old microphone to stop working properly. To disable this option, follow the steps below:-

  1. Head over to Discord Settings.
    Discord Settings
  2. Now head over to the “Voice & Video” Section.
  3. Now make sure that the option named “Advanced Voice Activity” is turned off.
    Turning off “Advanced Voice Activity”
  4. Restart your discord and check to see if the issue persists.

Method 11: Changing the audio jacks

It’s possible that the audio jacks you are using are not being detected by Discord properly so we suggest you try changing the ports of your Microphone if they are connected to the backside of the computer try connecting them from the front audio jacks and if they are connected through front audio jacks try connecting them to the rear audio jacks of your computer. If your microphone is working fine in other programs then you don’t have to do this step by it’s worth mentioning.

Method 12: Installing Realtek Microphone drivers

If none of the fixes above helped you at all you can try to install Realtek audio drivers for your microphone. We have covered the full tutorial on this topic you can head over to this link to know how to install Realtek microphone drivers on your computer. They are more compatible with other applications and provides way more stability and options overall.

If all of the solutions above have proven ineffective, try reinstalling the Discord app and see if the issue is still there. If not, you can also get official support at this link (here). The development team behind Discord has confirmed that they are pushing for a permanent hotfix to this microphone issue. You can also use the Discord Browser version.

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Fix: Discord Mic Not Working

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