Final Fantasy XVI Will Arrive on PC Six Months After Launch

It was recently revealed that the newest installment in the series, (in contrast to the previous game Final Fantasy VII Remake) will be released on both Xbox and PC after being a PlayStation exclusive for nearly six months.

Following its release in the summer of 2023, Final Fantasy 16 will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for at least six months. The announcement was made via a new Dual Sense Controller marketing video uploaded on November 7th by Sony‘s Twitter account, which includes FF16 footage along with the following disclaimer: “Final Fantasy 16 is anticipated in the summer of 2023, PS5 exclusive for six months.

Image: Sony

Given that the game’s exclusivity period is only six months, the video does seem to confirm what the majority of people had assumed. In addition, the phrasing in the video suggests that it may be available on Xbox platforms as well as PC. However, this was not the case with remasters of older Final Fantasy games.

Even though Sony called Final Fantasy VII Remake a “Console Exclusive,” the company nonetheless announced that it would not be available for Xbox. This will not be the case with Final Fantasy XVI, and similar to how FF VII Remake had a scheduled exclusivity period of two years, there is a possibility that the game will eventually be available to Xbox users in the future.

Final Fantasy XVI’s release is still planned for Summer 2023, but we don’t have the exact date yet. Producer Naoki Yoshida said last week that the game’s official worldwide release date will be announced before the end of the year.

According to Takai, the game is approximately 95% complete, and it is reported that a demo for the next Final Fantasy XVII is on its way before the game’s release in Summer’ 23.



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