DMZ Cartel Investigation: Location of Large Contraband Packages

The final objective of the faction mission called “Cartel Investigation” in DMZ is to “Find and extract 2 large Contraband Packages“. The first two objectives of this mission are quite easy to complete, but this final objective has left many players confused.

How to Find and Extract 2 Large Contraband Packages in DMZ
How to Find and Extract 2 Large Contraband Packages in DMZ

To help you find complete this faction mission quickly, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you how you can easily find two Large Contraband Packages in DMZ.

What are Large Contraband Packages in DMZ

Large Contraband Packages are one of a mission items introduced in the DMZ mode of Warzone 2. These items are part of faction missions in DMZ, where you have to collect a certain amount of them to complete the mission. In the “Cartel Investigation” mission, you have to find two of them to complete it. 

What Do Contraband Packages Look Like?

The contraband packages are small, rectangular-shaped packages that are beige in color, with pieces of blue tape attached to each one of their edges. Despite being called large contraband packages, they are surprisingly small in size – around the same size as an armor plate. They essentially just look like small cardboard boxes with blue edges

Their small size makes them very easy to miss. Therefore, you should take a close look at the image below and familiarize yourself with how they look before you start searching.

What Large Contraband Packages Look Like in DMZ
What Large Contraband Packages Look Like in DMZ

Where to Find the Contraband Packages?

To find the two Large Contraband Packages, head into the Hafid Port area. Almost all of the buildings, warehouses, and offices in this area have Contraband Packages inside them. 

But to save you some time, we’ve attached two map images below which will show you exactly where you have to go to easily find the two packages that you need.

Location of first Large Contraband Package
Location of first Large Contraband Package
Location of second Large Contraband Container
Location of second Large Contraband Container

The first map location will lead you to a small office next to a UAV Tower. Once you’re inside this office, you’ll either find the package on the table or on the shelf. 

What Large Contraband Packages Look Like in DMZ
Where to find the first Contraband Package

The second map location will lead you to a house near the southwestern edge of the area. Once you’re inside the house, go up the stairs on your right then go inside the room to your left to find the package. 

Where to find second Contraband Package
Where to find the second Contraband Package

One thing to note is that the location of the Contraband Packages is slightly randomized. This means that they don’t spawn in the same spot every time. However, their spawn point is set within a small radius, so they usually don’t spawn too far away from their usual spawn point. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to find both packages in the same game. If you only manage to find one package, you can join a separate lobby/game to find the other package and complete the mission.

How to Complete the Cartel Investigation Mission in DMZ

After completing the last objective by finding the two packages, all you need to do is extract from the game and the Cartel Investigation mission will be completed. 


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