How to Fix “Error SU-41350-3″ on PS4?

Many users reported they see the “PS4 error SU-41350-3” whenever they attempt to update or modernize their PS4 console. It simply denotes that the PS4 is unable to identify the suitable file to update the process and complete the procedure. After investigating we find the error appears with the USB drive and as a result, PS4 is unable to find the update file while doing the manual reset and the PlayStation get stuck on the Safe Mode.

PS4 error SU-41350-3
PS4 error SU-41350-3

After investigating we find out that sometimes while trying to connect the PlayStation to the server then there is a possibility to show an unexpected error code prompting on your screen while playing games. Below find out the list of culprits which are triggering the SU-41350-3 error on PS4.

  • USB storage device issues – The major reason to unable to update the files is that the USB device gets formatted with incorrect system files. So, formatting the USB drive to the FAT32 or exFAT fix the error.
  • An incorrect folder name – If the name of the folder is not in the capital, then this can also cause an error on PS4. So, make sure to check the folder name and then write the folder name in capital letters.
  • Corrupted PS4 updated file – Updated PS4 files that you download may be corrupted or incorrect and this result in showing the error on PS4. So, to fix the error try downloading the PS4 system software again from the Sony PlayStation official website.
  • USB connection crashing or malfunctioning – If your USB flash drive or the hard drive is not connected properly with the PlayStation 4, then this start malfunctioning. So, check the USB drive is connected correctly with your console.
  • Faulty USB flash drive – Due to the defective USB flash drive or the bad sectors or the logical errors present in the flash or the hard drive you start seeing the PS4 error SU-41350-3. Make sure you are using the formatted USB drive.

As you are now familiar with the common causes responsible for the error, here follow the list of potential solutions that worked for many affected users to get past the error.

Restart your PlayStation 4

The first and foremost thing you require to do is to fix the error SU-41350-3 is to restart your PlayStation. There is a high possibility that there might be a bug or virus on your network that tends to occur in the error code. Restarting your PlayStation will help your system to run smoothly without showing any error. If you are not able to fix the error by restarting your PlayStation then move on to the next step.

Review the PlayStation 4 Network Status

If the PlayStation 4 network status is done then you are more likely to see the Cannot Find the Update File (SU-41350-3) error. You need to make sure that you are online. If the network status shows offline then you can face this kind of error. So, in this situation, all you have to do is assure that the servers and network are running and updated. After checking the server if you are still encountering the issue go and set up the internet connection properly and try to connect your PlayStation by using a wired connection.

Switch the WiFi-Band to 5GHz

As said above the internet issues also cause the PS4 error for some users. So, if this case is applicable then switching the WiFi band from automatic mode to 5GHz increase the network flow frequency and offer a better internet connection speed.

Follow the steps to do so:

  1. Press Win + X keys on your keyboard and choose Device Manager.
  2. Then from device manager windows click on Network Adapters for elaborating the option.
  3. Here right-click on the option the WiFi adapter and choose Properties.
    Accessing the Properties screen of the network adapters
  4. Now click the Advanced
  5. And in the Property section, you need to click on Band or the Preferred Band
Set Preferred Band to 5GHz

Note: Remember the name might vary as it depends on your adapter manufacturer.

  1. Here, in the Value section choose the 5GHz band option.
  2. And click on OK.

Hope it works for you if not then change it to 2.4 GHz. Hopefully, by doing this you can fix the PS4 SU-41350-3 error.

Check Basic Requirements of USB Storage

When your PlayStation 4 storage device is full, Your USB drive creates more storage for your game. Sometimes this can lead to an error.

But, if you are facing a PS4 SU-41350-3 error, it is suggested that you verify your USB drive matches the system requirements. As followed:

  1. USB 3.0 or the latest version is required.
  2. You required at least 250GB and a maximum of 8TB space And at least you should have 400 MB of free storage space
  3. You can use only one USD drive.
  4. Only use FAT32 or the exFAT in order to format your USB device.
  5. Be sure you have the most recent PS4 software from the PlayStation website.
  6. Assure you use the latest version of PS4 system software.

Format USB to FAT32 or exFAT

As described in the causes the erroneously formatted USB flash drive is the main reason responsible for the error. So, formatting the USB drive to the FAT32 or exFAT may work for you to solve the error. You can format the USB drive using Disk Management, this tool is present in your Windows system and utilized for performing the USB drive partitions operations.

Please note that disk management allows you to format the USB to FAT32 or exFAT in normal conditions. Also, this is having some limitations in the partition management, and if you have a USB drive above 32GB storage size, then you can’t unable to format to FAT32.

Follow the steps to format it using Disk Management:

  1. First, connect your USB drive to your Windows system.
  2. Now right-click on the Start option and from the drop-down menu choose Disk Management.
  3. Then in your Disk Management, choose USB drive and right-click on it then choose Format 
    Disk Management window choose the USB drive
  4. Now from the menu choose the exFAT and hit on OK. Now you will see the warning message you can click on OK for confirmation.

Note: This will delete entire data on your USB drive, so make sure to back up the data first.

Now reconnect your USB to the PS4 and see if the error still appears or not.

Update PS4 using a Formatted USB drive

Many users managed to fix the error by updating the PS4 software system by using a formatted USB drive. Make sure to format it into exFAT or FAT32. If you are willing to update your system software via a USB drive. So, here it is suggested to update the PS4 console utilizing the formatted USB flash drive.

Here follow the steps to do so:

  1. Connect your USB drive to your system or PC. Then click on the USB, Next create a new folder renamed as PS4 and open it. Again, create a new folder renamed as UPDATE.
    Rename the folder
  2. To download and update the PS4 software go to their official updated PS4 system software page by using a formatted drive. Next, click on Agree and Download option.
  3. In the UPDATED folder make sure you save PS4 updated file. Now rename the file as PS4UPDATE.PUP.
    Rename the file as PS4UPDATE.PUP
  4. Subsequently, try to connect a USB drive to a PS4 console.
  5. In order to enter or insert the function menu. Head to the PS4 home screen and click on the Up & D button on the Pad or keyboard.
  6. Go to Settings and choose the System Software Update and then press the X button
    Choose System Software Update option
  7. Do read the License Agreement of the PS4 system software. Accept all the terms and conditions then click on the X button. Stay on the page until the procedure or installation gets completed.
    Prepare the installation of the system software update

Now check if the error is resolved, but if still seeing the error SU-41350-3 on PS4, then head to the next solution.

Update PS4 Console in Safe Mode 

If the above-mentioned solution, won’t work for you then try updating the PS4 console in safe mode using a USB drive. You can follow the steps on how to update and download the system file from the above solution. Once you save and secure the PS4UPDATE.PUP data or file in your USB drive then do follow the below mentioned to finish the installation procedure.

  1. To enter the safe mode, press the gaming console power button at least for a few seconds till your PS4 blinks.
  2. After you get the beep sound remove your hand from the power button.
  3. Now your PS4 controller will be turned off and entered into Safe Mode.
  4. To re-install the System software, select the option Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)
    Select the Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) option
  5. Open new Windows now you need to select the Update via USB Storage Device. Next click on OK. Make sure you follow the complete process to finish the installation procedure.

Check the USB Storage Device

If still, you are unable to fix the error then it is highly suggested that you review the USB storage for bad sectors error. The bad sector will lead your PS4 to prompt the error, so check your USB storage device for error

It is extremely easy to perform, all you have to do is follow the basic steps to get out of the error

  1. From the Software’s main interface choose the USB drive option.
  2. After that from the left panel select the test feature
  3. Click on the Start Now option from the pop-up window

This method will help you to scan and verify your USB automatically. In case you have seen red coloured blocks that simply means that you should use another or different flash drive.

So, make sure to check your USB storage device is in good condition and not having any problem which may lead to a PS4 error SU-41350-3.

Contact the Customer Support

If none of the above solutions works for you to fix error SU-41350-3 on PS4, then this means you need to repair your PS4, or the USB connection may be a detective you need to take it for the maintenance. In this situation, you need to contact a technician to check and repair the PS4. Moreover, you can also connect PlayStation Support centre for help.

It is recommended to follow all the solutions mentioned above one by one until you fix the PS4 error completely. I hope the article works for you.


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