Epic Games Launcher Black Screen? Here’s How to Fix

It has been reported in many forums that users are facing Epic Games launcher black screen problem. This problem generally occurs due to incorrect display settings or DPI thereby restricting the players from playing the game smoothly. Well, if you are one of those facing the same black screen issue then in this article you will find the various potential fixes to get past such an issue in no time.

Epic Games Launcher Black Screen problem

But before getting into the solutions you must get to know the various probable causes of such a problem as it not only helps you to pick up the most effective solution but will also save your time and patience too. There can be multiple causes behind this black screen issue. Below are some mentioned causes:

  • Incorrect Screen Resolution: Screen resolution is another common reason for the Epic Games launcher black screen problem. Users whose screen resolution is incorrect then you might encounter such a problem. Try adjusting your screen resolution to have a correct view.
  • Not running the Launcher as an Administrator: Many applications require administrative rights to run properly. So, if you are not launching the application as an administrator then you might face a black screen issue while running or launching the program. So, try running the application as an administrator to fix the problem.
  • Outdated Graphics Driver: Graphics drivers are very important to run the application smoothly. And running an outdated graphics driver might trigger such a problem. So, try updating your outdated graphics driver to the latest to avoid such issues.
  • Temporary Epic Games Launcher’s web cache: In most instances, the temporary app cache conflict with the proper functioning of the launcher and might cause this problem to arise. So, try cleaning the Epic Games Launcher’s web cache to avoid the black screen problem.
  • Program incompatibility Mode issue: If the application is incompatible with your operating system, then it might be the reason you may see the Epic game launcher black screen Always make sure to launch the application in compatibility mode.
  • Not using Onboard Graphics Card: In most instances, it has been found that not using the onboard graphics card might be the reason for black screen trouble. So, try using an onboard graphics card to resolve the problem.
  • DPI Settings: It has been reported by many users that sometimes DPI settings cause black screen problems. So, try changing the DPI settings to get past such issues.

So above are some culprits to this black screen problem. Now, as you are aware of these culprits below follow the most effective fixes suggested by various affected users to resolve the problem in no time.

Run the Launcher as an Administrator

Many applications and games require administrative rights to run properly and missing admin rights may cause problems in the functioning and launching of the application. So, running any application as an administrator fixes the various problems. Follow the steps to do so:

  1. To do simply right click on the Epic launcher app shortcut on your desktop
  2. And select the option Run as an administrator.
    Running as administrator

Once you are done with this just relaunch the launcher again to see if the problem persists or not.

Reset the Screen Resolution

In many cases, it is seen that the screen resolution is adjusted to fit the screen, but it may cause problems with the wrong view. So, the black screen issue in Epic Games Launcher might be due to your screen resolution settings. In this situation, it is suggested to reset the screen resolution on your Windows system and try changing your screen resolution to adjust to fit the screen. To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on your desktop and click on Display settings.
  2. Now search for Display Resolution and tap on the down arrow
  3. Now set the screen resolution to 1280×768
    Change the Display Resolution
  4. Lastly, relaunch the Epic Game Launch and check if the issue resolves or not.

Clean Epic Game Launcher’s Web Cache

The web application’s temporary cache is likely to cause various problem, as the temp cache conflict with the application files and stop it from running properly and cause various problems. The cache gets stored in the application and after some time it gets corrupted and blocks the application when you run it. So, try clearing the app’s web cache to counter the black screen issue. To do so you can follow the simple below steps:

  1. Launch the Run command by pressing the Win+R keys altogether.
  2. Then type %localappdata% in the box to open File Explorer.
    Run dialog box: %localappdata%
    Run dialog box: %localappdata%
  3. Now, open the Launcher and go to Saved
  4. Then, tap on webcache and delete it.
  5. Finally, restart your system.

Now check if the problem is fixed or else head to the next potential solution.

Adjust Compatibility Mode

It has been reported in many forums by many users that adjusting compatibility mode actually fixes the problem. The incompatibility issue leads to a various problem when launching the application, therefore it is necessary to run the applications and games in the compatibility mode as this allow the application to function smoothly.

So try adjusting it by following the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the launcher shortcut on your desktop and right-click on it.
  2. Now select the Properties
  3. Go for the Compatibility tab and checkmark the box Run this program in compatibility mode for
    Running installer in compatibility mode
  4. Now select Windows 8 from the Windows version list.
  5. Then checkmark the box Disable Fullscreen optimizations.
    Disable fullscreen optimizations
  6. Now tap on Apply and then OK to save the changes.
  7. Lastly, relaunch the app.

Launch Compatibility Troubleshooter

If the above solution won’t work for you then try launching the Compatibility Troubleshooter. Running the troubleshooter will help you to find the root cause of the problem thereby probably fixing it. Perform compatibility troubleshooter following the guide below:

  1. Right-click on the Launcher shortcut and go for the Properties
  2. Then select the compatibility tab and tap on Run compatibility troubleshooter.
    Run Compatibility Troubleshooter
  3. Now, uncheck the all-other boxes under the compatibility tab.
  4. After that, Program Compatibility Troubleshooter window will appear, then select the option Try recommended settings.
    Accessing the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
  5. Tap on Test the Program, once tapped it will redirect you to the launcher.
  6. Now go back to the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter window and tap on Next

If you won’t encounter a black screen on the Epic game Launcher then select the yes option and save the settings. But if you are still facing a black screen problem then follow the further steps.

  1. Now, uncheck the option box The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now.
  2. Then checkmark the option box The program opens but doesn’t display correctly and tap on Next.
    check the box The program opens but doesn’t display correctly
  3. And checkmark the option box Error message saying the problem needs to run in 256 colours or 8-bit colour mode. Then tap on next.
  4. Checkmark Yes, try again using different settings and tap on next
    Check Yes, try again using a different settings option
  1. After that tap on Test the program and then go for next.
  2. Click Yes, and save these settings for this program.

Now your black screen issue on Epic game Launcher has been resolved. If not then go for further solutions.

Update Graphics driver

Graphics drivers are very essential in running the games and applications properly. But in many cases, it gets outdated and causes a problem when running the particular application. If applying the above solutions won’t resolve your problem then try updating your graphics drivers as faulty or outdated drivers might cause a black screen issue.

You can update your graphics by simply visiting the official website of the driver’s manufacturer and finding the compatible driver for your Windows version and downloading it. Once you are done with the downloading process, the next step is to click twice on the downloaded files and follow the onscreen guide to install them successfully. Or you can just restart your system and the Windows will install the updated drivers automatically on your computer.

Moreover, you can also update the driver using device manager, follow the steps given to do so:

  1. Hit the Windows + X keys to launch the Quick Link
  2. Then click on the Device Manager from the options and double-click on the Display adapters.
    Disabling the Adapter
  3. Next right-click on the dedicated graphics card you were using.
  4. And then choose Update driver and then click on Search automatically for updated drivers’ option.
    Click on Update driver
  5. Wait for the scanning process to get finished and if any windows find any updated driver, then your system will download and install it automatically.
  6. Next, reboot your PC to save it immediately.
  7. After updating your graphics driver try launching the game launcher to see if the problem appears or not.

Use Google Public DNS

Changing DNS servers is found to be a proven solution in most instances. So, the problem might abed relate to your DNS server, you can switch to a free version by Google which is often used to troubleshoot issues like this one. Generally, the DNS problems are hard to solve and there are no patterns available when you should follow this solution. So, it is worth giving a try as it won’t hamper anything and the changes can be reverted easily.

So, try changing the server to the Google Public DNS, by following the guide steps below:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Tap on Network & Internet option.
    Click on Network & Internet
  3. Note: [Make sure that Network & Internet view by: category]
  4. Now tap on Network & Sharing Center.
  5. Now select your connections. (Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Others) and select Properties.
  6. And tap on the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then select Properties.
    Open Properties of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  7. Then check the option box “Use the following DNS server address
  8. After that type “8888” in the Preferred DNS server and “8444” in the Alternate DNS server.
    Change the Preferred and Secondary DNS of the System to Google DNS
  9. Then tap on OK to save the settings and exit the window.

Finally, restart your system and check whether or not the problem is solved.

Flush the DNS cache       

If changing the DNS server to Google Public DNS won’t solve the problem then you must clear the DNS cache. As it is seen in many cases the problem is questions can also initiate due to missing, corrupted or damaged DNS cache. So, if this case is applicable then you need to flush the DNS cache and after that register the DNS again on your Windows system to fix the error.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Run application by pressing Win+R.
  2. Now look for Command Prompt by typing cmd on the Run box and press Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter keys to launch it.
    Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  3. After that on the cmd panel run the commands given one by one and hit enter after each.
    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • ipconfig /registerdns
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
Flush the DNS Cache

As the process is finished restart your system, this will save the changes on your system most probably resolving the problem.

Change DPI settings

Many users suggested that changing the DPI settings resolve the problem for them. Check if you had set the DPI settings to low, then this might be conflicting and blocking the application and if none of the above fixes works then you can change the High DPI settings. Follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the launcher shortcut and tap on the Properties option.
  2. Now go for Compatibility
    Click on the Compatibility tab
  3. After that select, the option Change high DPI settings.
    Changing the High DPI settings
  4. Now, checkmark the box Override high DPI scaling behaviour.
  5. Make sure to select Application on the dropdown menu.

See if the issue is resolved in your case or else head to the next solution.

Use Onboard Graphics Card

Here it is suggested to use the onboard graphics card, as this works for many users to solve the error. Integrated graphics hardware won’t utilize the separate memory bank for the video and graphics card, and this is the reason the GPU utilizes the system memory which is shared with the CPU.

And in Windows 10 laptops, users have this feature which forces the apps and games to use the onboard graphics card. So, using this graphics card allow you to fix the display-related problems and may work for you to solve the black screen problem with the Epic launcher.

So, follow the steps given to use the Onboard Graphics Card

  1. Press Windows + I key to open Settings and in the window that appears type graphics settings in the search box.
  2. Launch Graphics settings.
    Open Graphics Settings
  3. Then go for the Classic app option under Choose an app to set preference.
  4. Tap on Browse after that.
  5. Browse the executable launcher file (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64)
    Browse the executable launcher file
  6. Now go to the application and tap on Options
  7. Click on the Power savings option and then tap on Save.
    Click on the Power savings option
  8. Now close the window and re-launch the Epic Games Launcher.

Check if the problem is fixed in your case or else follow the next potential fix.

Allow the Launcher through the Firewall

The security program installed on your system might be a reason why you are seeing the error with the Epic launcher. The Windows Firewall on Windows 10 blocks the Launcher files and won’t allow it to establish a connection with the server as a security measure. 

So, if you have enabled the Windows firewall then it is suggested to allow the application through the firewall to avoid such errors. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the search box and search for firewall and then select Firewall & network protection.
    Accessing the Firewall menu
  2. Now tap on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
    Allowing an app or feature through Windows defender
  3. Next check if the Epic Games launcher is added to the list or not. If not change the settings by following the onscreen instructions to add the launcher to the list.

Use Good VPN Service

If none of the above methods solves your black screen issue in the Epic Games launcher then try using a VPN. It has been reported in forums by the majority of users, that using a VPN at the time of launching the Epic Games launcher actually solves the problem.

There are many VPN services available on the web both free and paid that allow you to get unrestricted access and enjoy the network flow. However, using a free VPN might sometimes be a hassle. So, try using a good or paid VPN.

So these are the potential fixes that help you to resolve the Epic Games launcher black screen problem thereby letting you play your favourites games once again without any further interruption.


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