EA’s Frostbite New Look and a Revamp of Their Game Engine

After almost 10 years, EA has officially announced a complete rebrand of their game engine “Frostbite”. Originally, Frostbite started as an ambitious game engine that allowed users to experience the true meaning of large-scale multiplayer interactions with destructible environments through games like Battlefield.

Today, Frostbite is the heart of EA, combining different technologies between studios into a shared space and that’s what they went with for their new logo.

The Future of Frostbite

The teams behind Frostbite wanted to create something that not only was an aesthetic statement but also had a meaning to it. Through their new logo, Frostbite aims to show users the bigger picture behind making games involving the participation of different teams and creators.

With a new visual look, Frostbite continues to focus specifically on EA and also plans to make changes to how its engine adapts to every EA game and its unique needs. Although EA games have the option to choose any engine they want for development Frostbite aims to make itself the go-to choice for all creators.

What’s the New Look?

The new Frostbite look isn’t a completely different logo. Instead, the company went with the choice of preserving the original Frostbite handprint but gave it a few tweaks. The Frostbite handprint does a great job of representing the effort behind making games and the creative imprint left behind by the people who help those games come to life.

The idea behind the new look

That’s why Frostbite decided to highlight that same idea through the use of overlapping layers. With each layer, Frostbite wanted to show what big things people can achieve through teamwork and collaboration.

The logo also features an overall smoother feel which according to Frostbite is meant for creators and gamers to feel a much smoother experience when making games or even playing them. Additionally, the company also created a second version which helps them frame game covers inside the logo to show the final results of all those contributed layers.

Second version of the logo

The previous two versions of Frosbite’s handprint were closely similar to each other and showed the hand in a broken and fractured form much like the destructible environments in Battlefield. However, with this one Frosbite decided to take a completely different route.

Frostbite’s logo over the years

A New Engine To Look Forward To

With the introduction of a new logo and some major changes to how their game engine performs, Frostbite plans to make the upcoming years all about helping EA’s developers and creators bring ideas they have for any sort of game to life through a smooth and immersive experience.


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