How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 39 on PC, AppleTV, and Consoles

Some Disney+ subscribers have reported encountering Error Code 39 when attempting to stream content on the service. This issue has been confirmed across various devices, including PCs, AppleTV, Nvidia Shield, Android, and iOS.

Disney+ Error Code 39

Possible causes of Disney+ Error Code 39 include:

  • Failing Copy-Protection Check – This error code may appear after long periods of idling, likely due to the Disney+ app failing a copy-protection check. Restarting your device (AppleTV, AndroidTV, Android, iOS, or Windows) should resolve the issue.
  • Corrupted Temporary Data – Corrupted data stored in the temp folder may cause this error. Reinstalling the Disney+ app and its dependencies should fix the problem.
  • Smart TV Factory Reset – Experiencing this error on an AppleTV or AndroidTV may be related to a glitch within the Disney+ app. Resetting your smart TV to factory settings and then reinstalling the app could resolve the issue.
  • Residual Temporary Files on Consoles – On gaming consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One, temporary data generated by the Disney+ app may lead to this error. Power-cycling your console should clear these files and resolve the problem.
  • Connected In-Game Capture Device – Recording devices used during gameplay may conflict with Disney+’s DRM protections, resulting in Error Code 39. Disconnecting the capture device and restarting the console should fix the error.
  • Disney+ Streaming via a Splitter – Using a splitter to route Disney+ content to a projector may trigger this error due to copyright protection embedded in the HDMI signal. Avoid using a splitter to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Restarting the Device

Restarting the affected device can often resolve Error Code 39 on Disney+ by clearing temporary files and performing a clean restart of the app. Here are the device-specific instructions:

  • Apple TV: Navigate to Settings > System and select Restart.

    Restarting Apple TV
  • Android TV: Press the Home button on the remote, go to the Settings tab, select About, and use the Restart option in the Power menu.
    Restarting Android TV
  • Android: Hold the power button to access the Power menu and select Restart, then wait for the device to reboot.
    Restarting an Android Device
  • iOS: Press and hold the volume button or the side button until the power-off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn the device off and then turn it back on after the device has shut down.
    Restarting an iOS Device
  • Windows: Click the start button, select the power icon, and then click Restart.
    Restarting a Windows Computer

Method 2: Reinstalling the Disney+ App

You may need to reinstall the Disney+ app to clear any corrupted data.

Reinstalling Disney+ on AppleTV

  1. Highlight the Disney+ app on the Home screen, press and hold the Touch surface until the icon jiggles.
  2. Press Play/Pause, select Delete, and confirm deletion.
    Deleting the Disney+ App from AppleTV
  3. Open the App Store, search for Disney+, and redownload the app.
  4. Restart your AppleTV and check if the error is resolved.

Reinstalling Disney+ on Android TV

  1. Open the Google Play Store from the Home menu.
    Google Play Store
  2. Select My Apps from the left-hand menu, then find and select the Disney+ entry.
  3. Use the Uninstall button to delete the app.
    Uninstalling the Disney+ App
  4. After the restart, reinstall Disney+ from the Google Play Store.

Reinstalling Disney+ on Android

  1. Access the Google Play Store app on your device.
    Opening the Google Play Store App
  2. Select My apps & games, then the Library tab.
    Selecting My Apps & Games Option
  3. Find the Disney+ app, select Uninstall, and wait for it to be removed.
  4. Reinstall Disney+ from the Google Play Store and check if the error is resolved.

Reinstalling Disney+ on iOS

  1. Press and hold the Disney+ icon on the home screen until it jiggles.
  2. Press the X button to uninstall the app.
    Uninstalling Disney+ on iOS
  3. Exit deletion mode by pressing the Home button, then reinstall Disney+ from the App Store.

Continue to the next fix if the issue remains unresolved.

Method 3: Resetting Apple TV / AndroidTV to Factory Settings (if applicable)

If the above methods have not worked on an AppleTV or AndroidTV, consider resetting the device to factory settings, which has helped many users.

Note: If this does not apply to your device, skip this method and proceed to the next one.

Resetting Apple TV to Factory Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings on your AppleTV.
    Accessing Settings Menu
  2. Select System and access the Reset menu.
    Accessing System Menu
  3. Confirm the reset by selecting Reset and Update to restore factory settings and install the latest firmware updates.
    Resetting and Updating
  4. Once complete, reinstall Disney+ and see if the error has been fixed.

Resetting Android TV to Factory Settings

  1. Go to Settings from the Home menu.
    Accessing Settings Menu
  2. Enter Device settings and go to Storage & Reset.
    Accessing Storage & Reset Menu
  3. Select Factory data Reset and confirm by selecting Erase everything.
    Accessing Factory Data Reset Menu
  4. After the reset, reinstall the Disney+ app to see if the error is resolved.

Method 4: Power-Cycling Your Console (if applicable)

For Xbox One or PlayStation 4, temporary files created by the Disney+ app may cause issues, including Error Code 39. Power-cycling your console can effectively clear these files.


  1. Make sure your PS4 is fully powered on and not in sleep mode.
  2. Hold the power button on the console until it turns off completely. Release after the fan has stopped.
    PS4 Power Button
  3. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and wait 30 seconds for power capacitors to drain.
  4. Reconnect and switch on your PS4, then open the Disney+ app to check for the error.

Xbox One:

  1. Press and hold the Xbox power button until the LED flashes intermittently.
    Hard Reset
  2. Once shut down, disconnect the power cord and wait one minute to fully drain the capacitors.
  3. Reconnect, turn on your Xbox One, and reopen the Disney+ app to verify if the error is fixed.

Method 5: Removing the In-Game Capture Device (if applicable)

If you’re using an in-game capture device (e.g., Elgato) on Xbox One or Playstation 4 to record gameplay, DRM protections from Disney+ might cause Error Code 39. To resolve this, disconnect the capture device and restart your console, then attempt to access Disney+ once more.

Example of a Gameplay Recording Device

Method 6: Removing the Projector Connection (if applicable)

Streaming Disney+ content through a projector may trigger Error Code 39 due to Disney+’s DRM. Use a direct connection to a TV instead of a projector or splitter to eliminate this error.

Many users have reported that Disney+ has DRM measures to prevent content recording or capture, hence displaying Error Code 39 when using splitters or projectors.


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