Fix: ‘DX12 is not supported on your system’ in Remnant 2

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  • The DirectX12 is not supported error message in Remnant 2 is usually the outcome of an out-of-date Windows build that is running on your computer. This happens when you are missing DirectX Agility on your computer which is available on a variety of versions. To resolve the DirectX12 error message in Remnant 2, follow the solutions below.
  • Make sure that you are meeting the minimum system requirements of the game and your PC is able to support DirectX12. 
  • Update your Windows installation to ensure you are not missing DirectX Agility on your computer. 
  • Verify the game files of Remnant 2 on your PC to reinstall any missing dependencies that are required by the game. 
  • Force the use of DirectX12 on the game to subside any inconsistencies that are resulting in the error message.
  • Update the graphics drivers on your machine to ensure the game is able to access the necessary graphics API through the drivers.

The error message “DirectX12 is not supported on your system” in Remnant II comes up when you are trying to launch the game. The main cause of the error message is the DirectX Agility SDK that is used by Remnant 2 to implement various technologies, such as ray tracing and more.

DirectX12 is not Supported Error Message in Remnant 2
DirectX12 is not Supported Error Message in Remnant 2

In this article, we will enumerate the different causes of the error message in question and provide some solutions that you can use to get rid of the DirectX12 problem once and for all.

What causes DirectX12 is not supported in Remnant 2?

To understand the probable causes of the error message in question, let us go through them in detail down below.

  • Missing DirectX Agility: The primary cause of the issue in question is DirectX Agility. This is an SDK that allows developers to utilize various features in their games. DirectX Agility is required by Remnant 2, and thus, missing the SDK on your system can give rise to the error message in question. 
  • Outdated Video Drivers: The video drivers installed in Windows can also be another factor in the DirectX12 error with Remnant 2. This happens when the drivers are obsolete and unable to support the requirements of the game.

How to fix DirectX12 is not supported in Remnant 2?

With the causes of the error message covered, we can start going through the various solutions that you can implement to fix the issue. 

Before we proceed, it is important to ensure that your computer meets the requirements of the game. System requirements play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functionality of a game on a PC. If your PC is not meeting the minimum system requirements of Remnant 2, the game will be unable to function.

This includes confirming that your system can support DirectX12. The graphics card installed on your motherboard plays a crucial role in answering that question. If you are set on the system requirements stand, follow the solutions down below.

  1. Add DirectX12 to Launch Options: The first thing that you should do to resolve the issue is to add the DirectX12 parameter as a launch option in the game properties. This helps in resolving any Steam client inconsistencies that can result in the error message by enforcing the use of DirectX12. Doing this can be especially helpful when you are sure of DirectX12’s functionality on your PC.
  2. Install Windows Updates: A major cause of the error message in question is the DirectX Agility SDK. This is included by default in the DirectX installation. However, the SDK can go missing, in some instances, due to a Windows update. In such an instance, you will need to update your Windows to ensure that you have the latest version available. Running an obsolete Windows build can also result in the issue whereby the Windows version does not match the required version by Remnant 2. 
  3. Update Graphics Drivers: The video driver on your Windows machine is another factor that can cause the error message. This happens when the video drivers are out-of-date which can prevent the game from accessing the APIs properly, thus, impacting its functionality and causing the error message. In such a case, you will need to update the display drivers to resolve the issue.
  4. Verify the Integrity of Remnant 2 Files: In some instances, the game can throw up the DirectX12 error message when it is missing certain dependencies on your system. These dependencies are installed by default through the Steam client when you install the game. In addition, missing or corruption to game files can also cause the error message to appear. As such, you will need to scan and repair the game files to mitigate the error.

1. Add DirectX12 to Launch Options

  1. Open the Steam client on your PC.
  2. In the Steam window, open the games library.
  3. Then, right-click Remnant 2 and click Properties.
    Opening Remnant 2 Properties
    Opening Remnant 2 Properties
  4. In the General tab, use the Launch Options bar to add the -dx12 option.
    Forcing DirectX12 via Launch Options
    Forcing DirectX12 via Launch Options
  5. Alternatively, you can also use the -d3d12 parameter as well. 

2. Install Windows Updates

  1. Open the Windows Settings app through the Win key + I shortcut.
  2. In the Settings app, go to the Windows Update section.
    Navigating to Windows Update
    Navigating to Windows Update
  3. Then, click on the Check for updates option.
    Looking for Windows Updates
    Looking for Windows Updates
  4. This will look for any available updates and install them on your computer. 

3. Update Graphics Drivers

  1. First, download the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) tool from the official source here.
  2. Open the downloaded file and uncompress it to a location on your PC.
  3. Then, inside the unzipped folder, open the Display Driver Uninstaller.exe file.
  4. This will open the DDU app and the Options screen should appear. Click Continue.
    DDU General Options
    DDU General Options
  5. After that, from the Select device type menu, select GPU.
    Choosing GPU as Device Type
    Choosing GPU as Device Type
  6. Then, select your GPU brand from the Select device drop-down menu.
    Selecting GPU Brand
    Selecting GPU Brand
  7. Once you do that, click the Clean and uninstall option.
    Uninstalling Video Drivers
    Uninstalling Video Drivers
  8. After your PC performs a restart, go to your GPU brand’s website and download the latest drivers available.
  9. Install the new video drivers and open the game. 

4. Verify the Integrity of Remnant 2 Files

  1. Start by opening the Steam app. 
  2. Then, go to the games library in the Steam client.
  3. Right-click on Remnant 2 and click the Properties option.
    Opening Remnant 2 Properties
    Opening Remnant 2 Properties
  4. On the Properties screen, switch to the Installed Files tab.
  5. After that, click the Verify integrity of game files button.
    Verifying Remnant 2 Game Files
    Verifying Remnant 2 Game Files
  6. Wait for the game files to be scanned and repaired. 
  7. Finally, open the game.

The error message in question should go away once you follow these solutions. Keeping your Windows up to date when you are running newer-gen games on your PC is always a good measure to prevent DirectX12 issues from appearing.

Still facing DirectX12 is not supported error?

If you are facing the DirectX12 error message regardless of the solutions above, you will need to get in contact with the customer support team of Remnant 2. You can do this by joining their official Discord server and mentioning your issue in the proper channels. 


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