How to Customize Contraband Weapons in MW2 DMZ

Season 3 of COD Warzone 2 introduces Workbenches to the DMZ game mode. The Workbench is a physical entity added to the game that players can interact with. Players who’ve played Modern Warfare 2 will find the Workbench very easy to use, as it’s quite similar to the Gunsmith feature of said game. These Workbenches can be found in various spots around the DMZ maps, and they allow the players to customize the Contraband Weapons they’ve acquired in DMZ. 

How to Customize Contraband Weapons in DMZ

To help you find the Workbenches and learn how to customize your weapons, we’ve prepared this guide which will show you how to customize Contraband Weapons in MW2 DMZ.

Where to Find Workbenches in MW2 DMZ and What They Look Like?

Finding Workbenches is a much simpler task than it seems. To find a Workbench, all you need to do is open your map and head towards the nearest Buy Station. All Buy Stations on the map have a Workbench located adjacent to them. 

If you don’t know how to find a Buy Station, they are marked by a Shopping Cart icon on your map. Head to any of these icons to find a Workbench. 

The Workbench looks like a metal table with four drawers. It has a metal device sitting on top of it which is shaped like a cube. The image below shows what the Workbench looks like.

What the Workbench Looks Like in MW2 DMZ
What the Workbench Looks Like in MW2 DMZ

How to Customize Contraband Weapons in MW2 DMZ

To customize your Contraband Weapons in MW2 DMZ, you’ll need to first find a Workbench.

Once you’ve found a Workbench, go near it and press the designated button to open up its menu. On the left side of the menu, you’ll see all the guns that you currently have equipped.

And on the right side, you’ll see the stats of your weapons and the following 9 attachment slots:

  • Optic.
  • Muzzle.
  • Barrel.
  • Underbarrel.
  • Magazine.
  • Rear Grip.
  • Stock.
  • Laser.
  • Ammunition. 

To start customizing a weapon, select it from the left side of the menu to bring it into focus. You can then select any attachment slot to bring up the list of available attachments for it. You’ll only be able to buy attachments that you’ve unlocked in Warzone. However, even the attachments that you haven’t unlocked will be displayed in this menu; you just won’t be able to buy them. 

On the right side of the menu, you’ll see information regarding the attachment that you’ve selected. It will show both the pros and cons of the attachment. Before spending any money on an attachment, make sure to read its information and see whether it suits your playstyle. 

MW2 DMZ Workbench Menu
MW2 DMZ Workbench Menu

Each attachment costs $3000 across all attachment slots. And even though there are 9 attachment slots, the game only allows you to use 5 attachments on a weapon at a time. Therefore, you’ll have to choose your attachments very carefully so you don’t end up wasting money. 

Fully maxing out a weapon’s attachments will cost you $15000. The best way to farm this much money is to sell items at the Buy Station, which is conveniently located right next to the Workbench. If you loot as many items as you can on the map and then sell all the unneeded items at the Buy Station, you’ll be able to farm the required amount of money fairly easily. 

If you have an attachment installed on your Contraband Weapon and you wish to remove it, open the Workbench and select that attachment, then press the designated button to destroy it. This will be done free of any cost. 


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