Chinese Top-Down Cooler Shows Extraordinary Performance at Just $40 US

Although top-down CPU air coolers have been available for some time, we seldom see them in use outside of very low-profile designs. That’s mostly because of their constrained cooling capacities since the small space can only give so much headroom, but Chinese company JIUSHARK hopes to alter that with their new JF13K Diamond CPU cooler.

Popular devices like the NH-L12 from Noctua and the PH-TC14CS from Phanteks spring to mind when we discuss top-down CPU coolers. Yet every now and again, a fresh CPU cooling approach emerges that sets itself apart from the competition. There isn’t much room available for these current top-down CPU coolers to deal with since they have a single-fan design.

With a smaller fan mounted at the bottom of the cooler and a conventional 120mm fan mounted on top, Noctua has a clever solution. The method is the most common, however, JIUSHARK offers a far more creative alternative by positioning both fans on the heatsink’s front.

The JIUSHARK JF13K Diamond CPU cooler has a top-down design with a huge heatsink made of finned aluminum connected to the bottom base plate, which rests above the CPU, via a total of seven heat pipes. The heatsink has two 120mm fans that are just 15mm tall and run at 800–1800 RPM with airflow ratings of 23.46–64.51 CFM. A 4-pin PWM connection supplies power to the fans.

The top-down air cooler from JUISHARK has been tested to work with all motherboards and compact form factor chassis. As a result, the cooler has dimensions of 241x121x92mm and offers 50mm of space over the I/O cover and up to 59mm of clearance over the RAM slots. The DIMMs and VRMs may be cooled by the fans since the top-down cooler is extended over them.

The JIUSHARK JF13K top-down CPU air cooler is capable of cooling up to 265W TDP, which is equivalent to liquid coolers in terms of cooling performance. We can see from test data provided by the manufacturer that a Core i9-11900K can operate at up to 217W of electricity and temperatures of 85C.

This is astonishing to say the least since Rocket Lake CPUs were among the hardest processors to cool. While the CPU reaches 100C at 251W, its TJ Max limit is not exceeded, and no thermal throttling was seen.

The JIUSHARK JF13K Diamond costs 270 RMB, which is almost $40 US. It is available in white and black versions, allowing for even more customizing choices for builders. The CPU cooler has a really intriguing design and is certainly worth checking out for the price it is offered, however it is currently only available in China.

Source: ITHome


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